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Aybrah grabbing front seat with new song “Abaawo” – Watch video here



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By BigEyeUg Team

Fast raising Ugandan singer, Aybrah continues to dominate the music space on the motherland and world over.

Indeed, Aybrah currently rules the charts with his hit single, “Abaawo” still holding juicy positions for almost 4weeks on media platforms.

Moreover, online confessions from the public on how the “Bad Manners” hitmaker is cruising this year can’t cease.

Produced by Reality (A.E Records) “Abaawo”, is a love ballad that right away twinkles one’s feelings for a partner if listened to.

“Abaawo” video was shot and directed by Zyga Phix.

Considerably, Aybrah’s vocal strength is unmatched as so far witnessed from the songs he has released.

Earlier this year, Aybrah released his popular 8track album “Bad Manners” comprising of 8 songs such as; Bad Manners, Abaawo, Mboona, Ntyamu Ft. Daddy Andre, and many more.

Born and raised in Kansanga, a suburb of Kampala, Aybrah grew up with his grandmother in an extended family.

Aybrah’s phenomenal musical talent spilled during his childhood as he involved himself in daily church choir sessions.

Aybrah can proudly say that this year, all his number one appearance has instead stained on the music charts. A remarkable feat for the Popstar who makes number 1 hits look like child’s play.

Follow Aybrah (Aybrah Music) throughout all social media platforms. Watch Abaawo video by Aybrah

Watch Abaawo video by Aybrah here:

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