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Aybrah drops ‘Bad Manners’ album, available on all music stores



By Staff Writer

Singer and Songwriter Aybrah has dropped yet another masterpiece for his fans. The talented vocalist who not so long ago did a love song called ‘Omukwano’ with fellow musician Naava Grey has a new album out called ‘Bad Manners’.

Speaking about the new album, Aybrah said that the inspiration behind it is that everything you do is always good or bad. “In life, when you do something, it might be good to you but bad to others. Loving one person is good and also the same act is bad to others because ‘baba bo obalekedde awo.’ In short the album is inspired by Love.”

The Album has 8 songs produced by the best in the game. You will enjoy music produced by Andre on the Beat, Bomba Beats, Nessim, Reality, Ronny on dis one, Rock Weezy and Daddy Andre. Aybrah’s divine voice was put to good use on the tracks on the album to make it even more worth your while.

“Bad Manners” is available for online purchases in all digital stores. You can stream it on Spotify which is now available in Uganda and has a free version if you are not ready to pay, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Tidal and Audiomack.

Go ahead and check it out because the work that has been put in this one will leave you playing some of the songs on repeat.

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