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Artistes celebrate Tarehe Sita in Kitgum, heap President Museveni with praise for development in region



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The 38th anniversary of Tarehe Sita was not celebrated as always, atleast not by artistes in the country. In the previous years artistes would consider it an opportunity to get hired at different venues to entertain revellers. That was not the case on Wednesday as a section of objective artistes headed by Bebe Cool traveled 435Km to attend the day celebrations and also observe achievement of the ruling government as has been said in the past.

Singers Bebe Cool, Big Eye, King Micheal, Catherine Kusasira, comedian Kabaata were some of the headline artistes that graced the event.

The website’s efforts to know why they graced event got us these responses

Bebe Cool said “It’s out of respect and appreciation towards the UPDF army for the work they have done for us Ugandans to be alive and happy today.

These women and men sacrificed their lives for the peace of Ugandans and they still do.

So as a responsible successful citizen, I felt making time to attend this day is a way of appreciation towards their sacrifice”

Big Eye also revealed to us “I am surprised that this region is this developed. The impression i had was that this area doesn’t have such structures. I encourage Ugandans to travel more and learn to far we have reached”

The President in his speeach also further acknowledge the contribution of the UPDF in protecting and serving Ugandans and ensuring stability in the region.

The Tarehe Sita celebrations are annual celebrations that take place every 6th of February to mark the day the National Resistance Army launched the resistance war in 1981 which liberated the country five years later.

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