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Apass, Lynda Ddane and Jazmine land ambasador roles at The PerfumePlus



By Reporter

Brands continue to use public figures to hit numbers and targets and The PerfumePlus has blessed Apass, Lynda Ddane and Jazmine to broadcast theie message further.

The PerfumePlus is the number one source of all things Frangrance dedicated to providing you with the best scents in not only Uganda but the whole of East Africa.

PerfumePlus is owned by young entreprenuer Kenneth Otieno Okello, Ken is the CEO of The PerfumePlus and he is a perfume connoisseur / expert and critic who has spent better part of his life in research to enable people identify the right perfume and educate people on the does and don’ts of a perfume.

The company has a number of reasons for choosing a number of ambassadors; They chose A Pass for the intellectual intelligence that resonates around fragrances since he is a perfume collector who appreciates fashion and appeals to the masses.

Lynda Ddane was chosen because she attracts the teenage hyper segments that they felt they miss, she is a stylist and very vibrant – thus attractive to the youth who would want to associate with her .

Lydia Jazmine is a well endowed musician calm and composed and as a brand, The Perfume Plus we needed her to represent a face of a vibrant and cognitive musician . Her sense of fashion is up to bar .

The PerfumePlus store is located at Market Plaza Shop No. B40. You can also reach them via Twitter @perfumeplus2 or the_perfumeplus or visit their website www.theperfumeplus.com or simply contact them on 0783-848-885/ 0701-999-190 for more inquiries and deliveries.

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