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Another Royal Wedding For Toro Kingdom as Princess Komuntale Sets Easter Date



If you thought Princess Ruth Komuntale was done, think again. After a failed marriage with Christopher Duke Thomas, Princess Nsemere Komuntale is up and running, she has found love once again, this time round, hopefully, forever.

The Easter Weekend of 2019 will be a busy one as the Toro Kingdom will once again witness another royal wedding 7 years later. We are not sure what attracted the princess this time round, but some sources suggest it could be the incoming Duke’s beard.

The families from both sides have already met. The Queen Mother and the King of Toro flew to United States where they had a vacation together with the man’s relatives. “He’s a likeable guy, honest and is actually having a real job, he’s not gambling with life,” one of our sources told us.

Meanwhile the princess has told all those toro elders who may want to sabotage the wedding to mind their business. She even dedicated a Simi song saying; “That Love Don’t care, who you be where you dey from, Love Don’t Care at all Love Don’t care, who you know, Watin you get oh, Love Don’t care at all.”

This is going to be a busy year in the world of weddings for Ugandans. Sheilah Gashumba walking down with God’s Plan, Komuntale doing a season two of her wedding.

Meanwhile Komuntale cannot cheat a day from her gym work as she wants to be in perfect shape for her wedding. In our next episode, we shall bring you all the details about the incoming Duke, for now, only known as Lewis.

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