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Anitah Fabiola not moved by Meddie Ssentongo’s cash.



By BigEyeUg Team

Days after they had a disagreement, tycoon Meddie Ssentongo has started flaunting big sums of money again to woo his lover Anitah Fabiola back.

In recent photos posted on Social Media, Meddie is seen holding a lot of cash in his hands as a way of showing Fabiola what she is missing.

Meddie 1

Fabiola was heard telling friends about how she has been going through a rough time and is not about to turn back. “I have been having a rough time lately but I know I will make it out. Money won’t get me back with that guy,” she said as she referred to Meddie.

The two got relationship issues recently when Meddie left his phone on charge and went to the bathroom. Anitah then dug through his messages and found messages from a one Ponde, a city socialite.

Anitah was very disappointed in the tycoon that she left.

We will keep you posted.

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