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Anitah Fabiola and Ponde fight over Meddie Ssentongo.



Fabiola - Meddie

By BigEyeUg Team

The battle for tycoon Meddie Ssentongo is on. News on our desks indicates that former NTV Uganda presenter Anitah Fabiola was involved in a fight for her man with a MUBS babe.

While Fabiola was busy showing off Meddie to Kampala girls, she didn’t know that her man was being watched by several other babes in the city.

The former Miss Uganda West was shocked to find out that Meddie and Ponde had a thing going on behind her back. News on our desks indicates that Ponde and Meddie have been at it for weeks without Fabiola’s knowledge.

Our sources say that Ponde’s love story with Meddie began when her lawyer boyfriend failed to meet her bills. She looked in her phone contacts list and decided to call up Meddie who helped her. The rest is history.

Meddie tried his best to hide the relationship according to our source. It was not until he went to the bathroom for a long time one day that Fabiola peeked through his phone only to be shocked by their chat messages.

Fabie then decided to assure Ponde on text and later Meddie. He is now doing all possible to get her to forgive him.

We will keep you posted.

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