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ANITA FABIOLA: My nud3 pictures have made me grow, the negativity doesn’t affect me anymore.



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Anita Fabiola

By BigEyeUg Team 

When her nud3 photos leaked over the weekend, Anita Fabiola’s world came to a standstill. A few days after the leak, she was fired from her job and this only added salt to the wound. But what is a girl to do when there is so much negativity around her? She has decided to use this opportunity to grow.

Speaking to her fans about the nud3 photo scandal on twitter, the former Be My Date presenter on NTV revealed that she has decided to use the negative energy to grow.

“When the negativity from the world stops getting to u, then u know u are growing into the person u r meant to become. I got this!” She tweeted.

The tweet prompted fans to commend her courage. Crooze FM’s Edwyn was quick to commend her, he tweeted; “@Aniefabie I love the courage….Keep strong girl, it will all be over soon, very very soon.”

“Muwala wange @Aniefabie I know you must be hurting after all that has happened to you. But I can make it all go away,” read another tweet.

“The real reason people were watching #BeMyDate was to look at Fabiola. Now who is still going to watch?” another came through.

Anita Fabiola was allegedly fired from NTV Uganda for disgracing the brand after her nude photos made rounds on Social Media. She claims she was not fired but decided to resign out of respect for NTV and the harm that her presence on the station could cause. Her show was airing every Sunday at 8.05pm.

We will keep you posted.

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