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Angella Katatumba on why she is still emotional about Daddy Andre’s move



Following the news that flooded social media on last week of Daddy Andre being introduced by Nina Roz to her parents, Angella Katatumba has since not been moving on well with life.

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The Grade A singer has come out to explain why she is so emotional about Daddy Andre’s move. While speaking to NBS’s Kaiyz, Angella revealed that it’s not envy but reality. She explained that she is human and will not run away from the fact that she is hurting

“Being emotional is acceptable and at this point I cannot hide my emotions. Daddy Andre was everything I ever needed and if I hadn’t moved away, he would have married me. It’s not that I am jealous but every time I remember the memories we shared, I get emotional.” She explained

She however urged the public not blame her for the decision she took to express her emotions in a song because it was too much for her to bear.

“I am waiting to perform on his wedding ceremony as long as he pays me to sing. He did a lot of things for me and I won’t forget him although I was also heart broken when I left but my emotion and thoughts will always remain with him,”she noted.

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