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Angella Katatumba narrates touching last moments in studio with Pastor Yiga



By BigEyeUg Team

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Ugandan celebrities continue to mourn fallen Revival Christian Center Church, Kawaala head Pastor, Yiga Augustine (Abizaayo).

This is because of his remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry as the Kawaala-based Revival Band and ABS TV Uganda boss.

Among them is songstress Angella Katatumba whom the tragic incident did hit deeply after of all her hailing last moments in studio with the Revival Band founder.

During an interview on NBS TV Uncut show, the ‘Tonelabira’ singer revealed that she was extremely horrified by the death of Pastor Yiga because they were collectively working on a musical project before he ailed six months ago.

I was so saddened and shocked upon hearing about his passing, and May the Lord rest his soul in peace, may the Lord forgive him for all his sins. May he receive him in heaven with all the Angels and Saints. Pastor Yiga and I were working closely for about six months, actually during Lockdown,” Angella Katatumba said.

Angella said that it all started when she had gone for an interview on Pastor Yiga’s ABS TV in Kawaala.

It was there that she met with Pastor Yiga and he applauded her possessing a strong voice which he likened to that of South Africans.

I had gone for an interview at his TV station at ABS TV and he said to me; Angella I love your voice because in this country you’re the only girl who can sing with that powerful voice. You sing like South Africans.

He went ahead to reveal to her about one of his songs ‘The Boy’ he had written with an inspiration of the Late great South African singer, Brenda Fassie and he requested Angella to go ahead and record it in studio which she immediately consented to.

So, he said he had a song he had written with Brenda Fassie in mind and he wished me to sing. We met and we wrote a beautiful song together in just one hour with some Luganda and English language flavor, the song is called ‘This Boy’,” she added.

This was done at singer Eddy Kenzo’s Big Talent studios, produced by SteyN who also played an extra role of levelling language hiccups on both ends (Pastor Yiga and Angella Katatumba).

The plan was to have the musical piece mastered by producer Big Nash and there after its video would be shot.

Producer SteyN aided us to blend more when it came to languages because am imperfect in Luganda and so he was in English. And the song was in the process of being mastered by Big Nash. So the whole plan was that after that, we shoot the video and in a few weeks we release it.

Unfortunately, on brink of listening to the final master of the song, its when God has called him.

Like a week and a half ago, he called me. He used to call me ‘Single girl’. I responded and he said that lets now go to studio and listen to the final master and then start planning for the video but you can see how God always has other plans.

Angella went ahead to eulogize Pastor Yiga for his professionalism.

In that time, I just liked the way he was business minded and professional.

Apart from his phenomenal music writing skills, the deceased spiritual leader will be remembered for introducing artists like Umar Mwanje, Maggie Kayima (Nabbi Omukazi) Hassan Ndugga, Benah Namisinga among others to Uganda’s musical scene.

Rest in Peace Pastr Yiga!

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