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Amnesia Renewing Vows With Patrons



You would enter a night club in Kampala and find all seats smartly reserved with mean-looking bouncers, waiving you on to where you belonged as if you committed crime paying for entrance. Not even to the next seat. You would forget about the huge sums you parted with at the entrance to relieve yourself of being lifted and offloaded like a sack of beans if found resistant or seen to be disrespectful. Guess, what? The wannabe whose name printed all over the colourful VIP section in Club A, would equally be accorded a godly treatment at Club S. They cared less whether or not the guy appeared at the venues.

Denied of your chosen hangout, you would angrily step out to plan B, probably, just a stone throw away. Wait! Personalized number plates would flash at your UAH something. Some spaces not occupied but you would be told to find parking lot, elsewhere. Spend-thrifts reserved it all. You would be told. Choice-less, you would park at ‘Park at your own risk’ and proceeded to the inside. There you were. Chaps drowning in booze, would welcome you. All in the name of “Open Bar”.

“The #SamsungTwitterParty is back! Get ready to party the night away come 19th December at Zone 7 with fellow tweeps. Entrance is 15,000shs. Call 0775439894 for details. Great music and drinks.”

2011! A painful year it was for the party animals. Some resorted to house parties. To hell with clubs! They vowed. Club business got to its lowest lows. Bad Black, Meddie Sentongo, Rubeleeto and several others hijacked the business. Club owners got utterly blindfolded. Usual patrons became second class citizens – robbed of their freedom to spend and even their partners. They were not going to be fooled and reduced to beggars. Some chose to stay away and take their partners, elsewhere. Such was the deep-rooted ‘villageism’ imported into Kampala’s pomp hangouts. They had literally embraced it wholesomely with open hands.

The word worried was written in all the VIP sections, the peoples’ space and washrooms. Right from the owner, managers to the cleaners, all were worried about their business and their jobs. If the business did not close because of the huge uncollected dues then somebody would be kicked out for not effecting the collections. Such luxury wasn’t going to be sustained as the saying goes, “all good things come to an end”. Tycoon after another started getting into trouble and the end result saw some prominent clubs fall prey.
Out of need, comes demand and so Amnesia was born. Amnesia, like the name suggests, is a place to temporarily stop worrying about your troubles and have a great time. For once, you are able to feel and be treated as a boss, regardless of your position on the ‘pecking order’ in society.

Open everyday, Amnesia provides a hybrid between a nightclub and a high street pub. Most of the days have no cover charge. With beer promotions daily, Amnesia offers an affordable drink every day — prices that were previous unheard of in a club.

The design and décor is unique and provides an ambiance fit for fun. The Club has the best club DJs in this town. They are DJ Switch, DJ Herbert, DJ Nimrod, DJ Aludah, DJ Ciza, DJ Lexxy and the only DJ that murders people with music in Hot Pants, DJ Pofia Nankya.
Amnesia has a variety of theme nights that give the revellers a great fun experience every day. We have Bebe Cool and Gagamel band playing every Tuesday. A day dedicated to the Diva’s – the Spicy Divas night every Wednesday where we host a female celebrity on the night. Campus Night happens every Thursday. And Friday is a Corporate Night for the guys in ties to wind away the hard week’s sweat. Saturday is for costume parties ranging from; Hunters, ER Night, UG Night (the only time you drink ajonol and Kwete in a night club while listening to Ugandan Music) and Back to school to mention among others.

In all, Amnesia creates a relationship with its revellers that they come in day in day out for a doze of Amnesia. Its now a relationship. Just like Museveni did recently, we are renewing our vows with the reveller. With a fresh look, fresh line up and more fun.

The only time Amnesia is good, is when you wake up asking, what happened last night. Amnesia, proof you had a great night!


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