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Amazing Photos of Princess Bagaya In Mini-Skirts In the Sixties



Here’s a photo montage of what Ugandan Fashion in the sixties looked like. In an article with New Vision, According to Fashion expert Keturah Kamugasa, Fashion in the 1970s reflected a sense of freedom, courage and liberation.

Women had more courage to expose acres of leg and thigh! The 1970s saw the disco era; neon eye shadow, psychedelic colours and prints, polo necks, and wide bell bottomed trousers, which were a sign of liberation.

Ladies too donned trousers though still held on to their dresses and skirts which they deemed as more feminine and elegant

“People then had so much respect compared to people now,” rebuts Kirya.
She adds that today, the connotations are quite different. “While back in the days, wearing short skirts could have been merely interpreted as ‘riding with the tide’, today, it is different. The girl may be labeled as a slut for wearing similar clothing,” Kirya explains.

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