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Alicia Keys Coming to Uganda for Solar Eclipse?



Several American stars could come to Uganda to watch the Solar Eclipse in Pakwach town in Nebbi district, West Nile.

Great lakes safari boss Amos Wekesa last week said that amongst the tourist booked with his agency to come to Uganda and view the eclipse in Pakwach is a renown female American celebrity who has been to Uganda before.

Could it be Aliacia Keys, Natalie Porman or Katie Holmes? Just watch this space.

This exceptionally rare occasion of a hybrid solar eclipse occurs when the dark disc of the moon completely blocks the bright light of the sun, preventing its rays from reaching the earth. As a result, a dark shadow is cast on the surface of the earth, with only a faint ring of light seen surrounding the moon’s disc.

That occurrence is what Pakwach is revving to show the world on November 3, as experts have earmarked the town as the best place to view it, alongside Arua, Soroti, Gulu and Masindi.

Grammy-award winning singer Alicia Keys was in Uganda on a four-day trip to support anti-HIV/AIDS efforts back in 2006. She is one of several high profile American celebrities supporting the New York-based charity, Keep a Child Alive (KCA), which provides treatment to parents and their children living with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

She also travelled to Masaka, 120 km southeast of the capital, Kampala, to visit KCA-sponsored sites, including the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Masaka Healthcare Centre, which offers free medical care and antiretroviral treatment to HIV-positive children and their families.


A partially eclipsed setting Sun as seen from Dallas, Texas on May 20th, 2012. This weekend’s eclipse will offer U.S. East Coast residents a similar sunrise view. (Credit: Jason Major/Lights in the Dark).

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