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AK47’s widow promises to enter new house at all costs.



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AK47's wife speaks at his burial.

AK47’s wife speaks at his burial.

By BigEyeUg Team

Fallen star AK47’s widow, Maggie Kiweesi, has told friends that she will enter the new house at all costs. The mother of twins fathered by the deceased singer made the revelation to her friends following a standoff with her late boyfriend’s family.

The house which was built with money contributions from the President and friends and relatives of AK47 was completed recently and is now being looked after by the fallen star’s family.

Although the family insists that Maggie didn’t contribute a penny to the house, she says that she contributed over 80% and has all the rights to enter the house.

Maggie has also said that no one can enter the house unless they get her permission. Her declaration comes at a time when rumors that AK47’s brother Pallaso was at the verge of occupying the new house.

Although the family had promised to give the house to the widow in order for her to have a roof for her kids, they later changed their minds.

“Mzee promised to give the keys to her once the house was complete at the requiem mass but nothing has been done up to now and they want to chase her because they suspect the children are not AKay’s. It is heart breaking and bad but I hope she can stand her ground and take over her house,” said one of Maggie’s friends.

We will keep you posted.

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