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Airtel Uganda Unveils New Campaign – “It’s NOW”



Airtel Uganda has announced a new campaign which seeks to nurture and grow talent in Africa through various consumer touch points such as education, lifestyle and music while providing customers with access to connectivity and technological solutions that will enable them explore opportunities around them.

Airtel Uganda Marketing Director Mr. Prasoon(C) poses with FUFA officials and former ARS stars during the launch of the Airtel Rising Stars Season 5.

Airtel Uganda Marketing Director Mr. Prasoon(C) poses with FUFA officials and former ARS stars during the launch of the Airtel Rising Stars Season 5.

Dubbed ‘It’s Now’, the campaign has been simultaneously launched in 17 countries across Africa with Airtel operations by new Airtel Ambassador, Ivory Coast’s captain and Manchester City’s midfielder  Yaya Toure.

Airtel Africa Chief Executive Officer, Christian de Faria, said that the campaign reiterates the company’s commitment to support the youth in Africa as well as drive economic growth by unlocking people’s potential.

“We are excited to be signing the pact with Mr. Touré who is respected in Africa and beyond. As the first player to win African Player of the Year four consecutive times,  Touré is an inspiration to everyone working to achieve their potential and striving to be their best every day,” said Mr. de Faria.

Speaking on his partnership with Airtel Africa, Mr. Touré said, “Throughout my career I have been fortunate to have a great deal of success on the field. However, I know that the strongest performances come only when you commit 100 percent to the task at hand and display the strength and mettle to give it your all.  “It’s Now” is a campaign that is close to my heart as it calls on Africans to embrace the opportunities around them to better their lives. I am glad to be working with Airtel, with its wide reach within Africa, in order to inspire many people.”

To kick off the ‘It’s Now’ campaign, Airtel Uganda has launched the fifth Season of the Airtel Rising Stars – a Grass root football talent search thataims at identifying talent and nurturing upcoming footballers. The Airtel Rising Stars championship will provide an opportunity for budding stars around Africa to showcase their football skills and to gauge their raw talent against continental peers during the transcontinental African championships to be held later this year.

Speaking during the Uganda launch, Airtel Uganda Marketing Director, Mr. Prasoon Lal said, “We believe emphatically that nurturing young talent is the means by which we will ensure our youth grow into passionate and responsible members of the country.”

“As part of this ‘It’s Now’ Campaign, Airtel Uganda will continue to support the Ugandan youth segment through their passion points – education, lifestyle and music with the ultimate goal being unlocking the power of potential in the hearts and minds of all our customers,” he added.

Under the new ‘It’s Now” campaign, Airtel Uganda will reinforce its vision and mission of connecting inspired Ugandans to knowledge and opportunities by providing them the tools they need to propel this great continent into the future.

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