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Air Uganda shows the true Ugandan spirit towards Malaysia Airlines



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It has been over a week now and the whole world still remains intrigued with the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Amidst the suspense clouding the unfolding events, our own Air Uganda, came out and demonstrated the true Ugandan spirit of oneness and brotherhood.

Late last week, Air Uganda commissioned an advert with the main dailies as a small gesture from one airline to another and it simply read ‘Malaysia airline flight MH370 our prayers are with you.’ This campaign was also given an online   presence on their website, Facebook and Twitter pages to encourage more people to continue to pray for the missing flight.

In this cutthroat business world, where every brand is dangerously fighting for market share, Air Uganda stood out of the crowd with this gesture of compassion towards a fellow airline. They have proved that they are beyond just a business, but that they actually stand for the same values and principles of the Ugandan people. In the eyes and hearts of many, they have respectfully earned the name on their airline emblem. They have captured and demonstrated the true spirit of every single Ugandan.

In reflection of their chosen words, let us all keep Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in our thoughts and prayers.

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