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African Conflict Resolution Initiative(ACRI) opens its Mediation Arena doors for free Conflict Resolution services.



By Staff Writer

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African conflict resolution initiative, an NGO established by Advocates for peace, to end all forms of violent conflicts in Africa through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) strategy, has opened up Offices in Uganda – Seeta to reach out to people in Domestic related conflicts, religious related conflicts, political related conflicts and Ethnicity / Tribal related conflicts.

ACRI is offering free Mediation and negotiation services aimed at conflict resolution and reconciliation. According to the Executive Director Mr. Ikopit Peter, the organization offices are open to all persons, groups, institutions or governments in a conflict and are willing to settle their differences through Mediated dialogue (Peace talk) instead of litigation ( Courts of law), police or force ( violence).

Speaking to Isaiah Eitu, the president of ACRI Mediation Arena, he note that; “The initiative employs a traditional informal dispute resolution mechanisms which complement the courts of law and security agencies which are considered formal mechanisms”

ACRI runs two major programs; Conflict prevention and Peace sustainability. Aimed at prevention of violent conflicts from a rising, escalating or relapsing.
ACRI services among others include;
* Conflict Mediation and negotiation.
* Advocacy for non violence and ADR.
* conflict management capacity building for institutions and organised group.
* Peer conflict resolution training.


Are you in any form of conflict? Do you know of persons in any form of conflict?

Come to the mediation Arena located in SEETA town -mukono Municipality. OR
Call ACRI today on 0414672090 or 0706570808.

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