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Adam Kalungi to be jailed 4 years over Nebanda’s death




By Isaac Mites

Adam Kalungi, the fiancé to late Butaleja woman MP, Cerinah Nebanda, has finally been sentenced to four years in jail. The case has been in court since January 04th last year when Adam Kalungi was netted in Kenya where he had fled for refuge.

According to prosecution, on December 14, 2012 in Buziga, Makindye Division Kampala, Kalungi, Noor Abubakar, Khan Babu, Abdul Abid Rashid Butt, Ali Omar Almuzahim and Fatuma Babu caused the death of MP Nebanda Kalungi.

Kalungi and 5 others were charged with two separate counts, including unlawful possession and supply of narcotic drugs between September and December 2012, contrary to the National Drug policy Act. This was announced on Thursday by Chief Magistrate, Ms Esta Nambayo of Makindye court who passed on the sentence on grounds that Kalungi delayed to take the deceased to the hospital in time.

She said the sentence is aimed at denouncing unlawful conduct and promoting a sense of responsibility by the offender, acknowledging the harm done to the victim and the community.

She said, “Kalungi needs time to develop a character of responsibility. Kalungi owes an explanation to the people of Butaleja and the entire nation for the circumstances under which Nebanda died.”

His co-accused Ali Omar was convicted of possession of drugs while the other four were acquitted of all the charges.

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