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Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards: Reminiscing The Internet’s Favorite Looks



By Stuart G-Khast

On 13th December, two years ago, Kampala city became a hub for the best fashion Africa has ever seen. Stylists and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world flooded the city to attend the most anticipated fashion show- ASFAs. The city was painted red with a luxurious red carpet, and performances from global artists like Jidena didn’t make the situation calmer. 

This event was everything, and still is but it’s now exactly two years since the global pandemic hit us, so all the ruffles, prints, bonnets, tinsels, tie and die, silk, and floral metallic outfits are laying low in the closet. Celebrities made sure to wear their favorite designers, from thigh high slits to low cuts and fringes, these are the ensembles the drove the internet crazy over the years. Did we miss your favorite look, if we did, tell us about it in the comments.

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