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A guide to buying Bitcoin using Mobile Money



By Our Reporter 

The growth of bitcoin has exponentially increased over the past couple of months so that more people around the world including here in Uganda have turned to bitcoin to ease their financial transactions within and outside the country.

Leading to make buying bitcoin in Uganda fast, safe and smooth is Yellow Card. By ensuring that on the platform you can buy bitcoin instantly with ugx has helped ease the process for many. Now, to further improve the process, Yellow Card has added mobile money option to its platform.

With mobile money providing a faster way to access ugx, the addition of the mobile money option on Yellow Card allows users to fund their wallet and buy bitcoin on their mobile devices without stress. Furthermore, withdrawing bitcoin to mobile money will also be as easy. So sending bitcoin from an external wallet to a Yellow Card account will enable instant cash out to mobile money.

Here’s how to fund your Yellow Card wallet and buy bitcoin with mobile money:

To buy bitcoin with mobile money, you must have a Yellow Card account and it is very easy to create one. Simply sign up here. Once you have created your account, your UGX and bitcoin wallets will be activated. The next step is to fund your UGX wallet. To do this:

1. Sign in to your Yellow Card account
2. From your dashboard select deposit
3. Choose the Mobile Money option
4. Enter the amount you want to deposit
5. Enter your mobile number and select your mobile money provider ( MTN or Airtel)
6. Confirm the deposit information and authorise the transaction on your mobile device.
7. Your account will be credited instantly with the deposited amount.

Now that you have deposited ugx into your account, go to your dashboard and select Bitcoin.

Enter the amount you want to buy and confirm the details. Your bitcoin wallet will be added to your wallet immediately.

How to withdraw bitcoin with Mobile Money in Uganda

You can also sell bitcoin on Yellow Card and withdraw your money directly to Mobile Money. This may be bitcoin you already have in your Yellow Card wallet or you can also send from other external wallets to your YC wallet and sell.

First, from your dashboard go to your bitcoin wallet and sell the amount of bitcoin you want. Then to withdraw the money:

1. From your dashboard, select withdraw
2. Select Mobile Money
3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw
4. Enter your mobile phone number and Mobile Money provider
5. Confirm the withdrawal details and input your 4-digit PIN
6. Your money will be instantly sent to your mobile number.

In addition to the bank transfer option, you can now buy and sell bitcoin instantly in Uganda with the mobile option.

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