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A few good friends drop Nkowola video



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By Reporter

“A few good friends” an organized group of poetic rappers have dropped a new single “Nkowola” which has featured singers AJ Stylz, Spyder MC, Luganda Xlz, and Akongo Wero.

Nkowola was produced by Nase Avatar and Mixing & Mastering by Dawoo. Nkowola dropped yesterday and has already received a good reception from music lovers and fans across the country as it is enjoying a good portion of airplay.

Nkowola is the third official single off the soon-to-be-released self-titled multi- collaborative album, by the hip-hop charity organization, A FEW GOOD FRIENDS. The First and second singles were “Who Killed HipHop”- featuring Mulekwa Nampeera (RIP) and Enygma. Produced by Koz N Effekt, and “Enough With The Nonsense”- Featuring Ziyanda Strange, Sulfuric, Lethal and Rugged Made. Produced by Simon “The Soultan” Elly.  

Nkowola; Layered with a piano-driven, laid back and soulful instrumental by the #UGHiphop award-winning producer Nase Avatar; three main voices grace the track to deliver a metaphor that is a strong message of the times.

Nkowola is a “Slogan that all of us can use to Call onto that higher power regardless of our religions and standings in life.” Spyda Mc.

Know more about AFGF here.

▪ Official Website: www.afewgoodfriends.org

▪ Youtube: https://bit.ly/2YyyHSP

▪ Facebook: @afewgoodfriends

▪ Instagram/Twitter: @afgf_ug

▪ Tiktok: @afewgoodfriends

▪ Number: +256758472636 


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