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92-year-old man denied vodka because he didn’t have ID



A 92-year-old war veteran became a grumpy old man after he tried to buy vodka at a U.K. supermarket only to find the clerk wouldn’t sell it to him because he didn’t bring an ID. Hey, a policy is a policy.

Tony Ball, a man who’s probably been old enough to drink legally since before legal drinking ages and government IDs ever existed, was furious after the cashier told him she couldn’t sell him alcohol without proper ID.

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As Metro UK reports, “The great-grandfather tried to pay for two bottles of vodka but was stunned when a check-out girl asked him to prove he was over 18.” When she refused to sell him the vodka, he left the store, brought his business elsewhere and promptly complained to the media, crotchety old man-style.

Of course, the clerk could have just made things right by selling him the liquor in the first place. It doesn’t take much to identify a man as “pretty freaking old” based on any one of the following: gray hair, wrinkled skin, mothball smell, high-waist slacks, a random assortment of sugar-free hard candies, an old timey radio voice or, perhaps most tellingly, multiple bottles of old man vodka.

The report adds that the same clerk had asked for ID from unassuming people in the past as a joke. However, Ball doesn’t think she was kidding. In any case, let’s hope the clerk learned a new life lesson that’ll stick with her until she turns into a cranky 92-year-old: Nothing gets between an elderly man and his booze.

Source: truTv


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