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7 Great Dishes To Enjoy During The Rainy Season



hellofood Uganda

During this rainy season there will be moments where all you want is to stay at home, and enjoy a lazy night in front of the TV with the family. You might also want to enjoy a delicious meal without having all the kitchen work. In all grim and gloomy circumstances the natural thing is to find comfort in food. Hellofood recommends the following dishes to soothe these rainy days and the restaurants you can order them from:

1. Soup

Soup is known as one of the most popular comfort meals around the world. Soup of any kind has a way of comforting on cold and wet nights, rather than a plain soup go for a soup which contains also vegetables such as mushroom soup, butternut soup or even the traditional vegetable soup. Soups can be ordered from Yujo Japanese restaurant, Tamarai, Bistro, Chokh di thai, Miso gardens and China bowl.

2. Chocolate

Studies have shown that chocolate has over 350 compounds and they have profound effects in the chemistry in our brain. Some of the effects that chocolate has includes feelings of relaxation, temporary alertness, increased blood flow and much more. It would seem that chocolate is the most consumed food when it comes to enhancing one’s mood for the better. This can be found in chocolate chip cookies, chocolate gateau, chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. Chocolate can be ordered in different forms such as milk shakes, cakes or cupcakes from Prunes, Endiro, Piato, Bistro and Bbrood.

3. Mashed potatoes

There is something very soothing about a nice hot portion of mashed potatoes enjoyed with meat, chicken or vegetables. There are also many diverse recipes where you can add another ingredient such as parsean, garlic, masala in the mashed potatoes and much more to make it more flavorsome. This is a wonderful meal to enjoy when it’s raining cats and dogs and you are locked in doors. Mashed potatoes can be ordered from Liquid silk, Piato, Bistro, Endiro, lawns, Cayenne, Mythos and sky lounge.

4. Meat loaf

Shaped either by cooking it in a loaf pan, or forming it by hand meat loaf can be made from beef, lam, mutton or even poultry. It can be enjoyed on its own or accompanied with a serving of rice, potatoes or you could simply make it a sandwich. Meat loaf can be ordered from Dancing cup restaurant.

5. Chicken

Barbeque chicken, fried chicken, chicken stew or chicken soup. It really doesn’t seem to matter what form you prefer it but chicken is delicious in every single way. The ability for chicken to bring about comfort for the body and soul is indescribable. Best served piping hot to feel the true soothing effects. Chicken can be ordered from most of the restaurants on Hellofood like Crazy Chicken, Mr Tasty, Shaka zulu, Taste budz and Piato.

6. Pasta or Mac and Cheese

There are many stories about the actual origination of macaroni and cheese or better known as mac’n’cheese in America. The one thing that we can confirm is that it is highly addictive to people of all ages. Mac and Cheese has been described as the ultimate comfort food that makes everything right with the world. It is best served piping hot and is bound to make any cold night better. Pasta is also a great dish to have during those cold wet nights. Pasta can be ordered from Bistro, Piato and Caffe Roma.

7. Katogo

It is traditionally a breakfast dish though it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The dish is fried plantains with soup of beef, beans or offals served with traditional vegetables. It is very popular in Uganda and is also a great hangover remedy just in case you a quick remedy. Katogo can be ordered from Bon Apetit, Makkies restaurant, The Leven and Shaka Zulu.

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