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6 Ways to keep your relationship fun and exciting




Relationships are hard work, but with your dedication it can become fun and very exciting. How do you keep your relationship worthwhile and rewarding for the two of you involved?

These 6 tips will help you figure out to keep your relationship fun and exciting:

1. Do something new together: Doing something that neither of you has ever done before, keeps things interesting and fresh. Whether it’s taking a holiday somewhere new or trying a new restaurant in town, do something totally different and interesting with your partner.

2. Go on dates together: Date nights are actually more important than you think. Clear your schedule, put work on hold and plan a nice night out. Whether it’s something simple like heading out for a movie or preparing a homemade meal, never cancel on date night. If you have kids, arrange for a babysitter to watch them to ensure that you get plenty of time alone with your spouse.

3. Pour out your love completely: In a happy relationship, there’s no room for ego. Never hold back on expressing love and forgiveness, no matter how irritated you are with your partner. Just as you would want your spouse to laugh with you and forgive you for all your wrongdoings, offer up the same thing. Never hold back on your love no matter the circumstance.

4. Communicate: Communicating freely with your partner is very important if you want to keep your long term relationship alive. This does not include speaking about everyday household chores, but rather, has to do with sitting down with your spouse for at least 15 minutes a day and indulging in conversation. It could be discussing the future, helping out with a work issue and so on. Keep things light and easy. The goal is getting to know your partner again.

5. Be fully committed: If you want to keep your long term relationship exciting, you must ensure that you are fully committed and give it your all. Behave as though your relationship will end if you cannot fix this, and for most couples, that is probably the case. By thinking along these lines, you will put in plenty of effort and truth be told, it’s the only way you should be addressing this anyway.

6. Take trips together: Sometimes, all you need to do to revitalize your long term relationship is to plan an escape together. Whether it is a one-week getaway to the Carribean or a one night stay at your favourite hotel in the city, take a trip with your partner and treat it like a second honeymoon. If both of you cannot seem to take time off or if you have financial constraints, then plan a simple picnic in the park or have a glass of wine at your favourite lookout point.

Source: Pulse.ng

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