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Top 5 signs you just satisfied her in the bedroom




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The main point of having sex is pleasure- Your pleasure and hers. If a woman just had an orgasm and she is truly satisfied after being with you, there are ways her body will react.

Look out for these signs below.

1. Hardened Nipples; Her nipples could harden for a lot of reasons, but if you notice this in the bedroom, this is most likely because you are hitting her where it counts.

2. She gets emotional: Female orgasms can be intense. It can bring about emotional reactions. Some women even cry after a very great one. So, do not fear if you see tears, she is just reacting to the fact that you took her to bliss.

3. She passes out: There are women out there who are so incredibly drained via their orgasms that they simply need to take a nap and recuperate from the damage you’ve done.

4. She can’t walk: If she tries to get up after sex and you notice she can’t be steady, it could be because she orgasmed. Most times, when a woman cums, her legs quiver, leaving her with shaky feelings on the legs minutes later.

5. She can’t stop talking about it: If, after sex, she can’t stop talking about the positions you had her in, the sensations she felt, or better yet, she simply keeps mumbling the same word over and over again (e.g. “amazing pant, pant , amazing pant , that was pant , amazing, amazing, you’re pant , amazing…”), chances are she is stupefied by your penile goodness.

6. She wants more: If she is getting it good from you, she will always want more. It is not everyday you find a man that can please a woman so completely. So, chances are, if you make her cum, she will always come back.

Source: Pulse.ng

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