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5 Musicians Mentored By Bebe Cool; Bobi Among



By Staff Writer

Bebe Cool has mentored the most musicians in Uganda. He could be the grand father of Uganda’s current music industry. Here are some of the musicians that have been through his mentorship sessions.

1. Jose Chameleone
Everything Chameleone learned about music, he learned from Bebe Cool. It is Bebe Cool who encouraged Chameleone to get on the bus and head to Nairobi to pursue his career. It is Bebe Cool who wrote Chameleone’s first songs.

2. Bobi Wine
Bebe Cool says he is the only one who can tame Bobi Wine because he was his teacher. It is Bebe Cool who founded and name Fire Base and hired the first members. It is Bebe Cool who helped Bobi Wine record his first songs and introduced him to people that mattered in the industry.

3. Rema
Rema was handed over to Bebe Cool by Halima Namakula. Halima recalls that she looked around the industry and saw no other person fit enough to groom Rema other than Bebe Cool. Today Rema is a nationwide star.

4. Ykee Bendah
Of all people Ykee always appreciates, he can’t ever forget Bebe Cool. It is Bebe Cool who first believed in him when he came to this industry.

5. Apass
Although he often jabs at Bebe Cool, Apass also has nothing but gratitude for having gone through Bebe Cool’s masterclass. When Apass was still as fresh as Fresh Kid, he met Bebe Cool who gave him the formula for succeeding in this industry.

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