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4 Sex positions that are unlikely to get you pregnant




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Sure, any sex position that involves a man ejaculating into his partner can lead to pregnancy unless there are birth control methods in place. But it is also true that due to gravity or some other logistics, some sex positions are less likely to lead to pregnancy than others.

See five of them below.

1. The 69

This is when couples mutually give themselves oral pleasure. Pregnancy is unlikely since actual penis-in-vagina sex is not taking place.

2. Cowgirl Sex Position

Woman on top can reduce the chances of you getting pregnant. In this position, the man lies down, and the woman on top of him is either kneeling down or squatting. It will not only give the lady a powerful orgasm, but the gravity will allow the sperm to leak out of the vagina thereby reducing her chances of getting pregnant.

3. The Lotus

Another variation of woman on top is the lotus. In this position, both the partners sit very close to each other. The man sits with his legs straight in front and the woman sits on his lap with her legs wrapped around him. Gravity will also cause things not to progress into pregnancy.

4. Stand and Carry

The stand and carry position can be perfect for a quickie. This usually involves the female partner with her back against the wall using it as a support while the male partner enters her while supporting her body weight by holding her up. In this position too, the gravity can make the sperm come out of the vagina.

Source: Pulse.ng

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