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4 people we could have left in 2019



By Staff Writer

There are verbal and vibrant people that will worry you if you don’t hear from them in 24 hours. Either in line with their work or on Social Media.

Sheila Gashumba:

It’s been long since we saw a senseless rant on Social Media or a display of affection with his new boyfriend Marcus. Either she has reformed now that she realizes she needs a job or she is preparing for a new season.

Big Eye:

Big Eye StarBoss with no doubt is a good singer but joining politics has greatly damaged his career. The singer did not quite receive the year as anticipated when he was on 1st of January this year chased off stage at the National Museum. He since has remained rejected by his fans. We could as well say, he has not seen 2020 yet, musically.

Lil Pazzo:

We don’t have to explain this, we could as well say he only saw half of 2019 and has since June been in hibernation.

Taata Sam:

Taata Sam first episodes with his food much excited comedy lovers and in a short span, Taata Sam rose to stardom. With every new episode clinging on his love for food, fans grew fond of that and he became predictable, something every entertainer with intentions to remain relevant avoids. Taata Sam realized and shifted to Gadimba but he did not get the same reception he had at first. The final blow was when he fell out with his video team over YouTube fees and he had no one to shoot his then boring episodes. 2020, he may rise but he will never be the same

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