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3 Most Terrifying Star Stalking Stories



By Staff Writer

Some things make you obsessed. Some cannot stop using a football betting Uganda site, others cannot give up smoking. And almost every famous person is familiar with compulsive stalking by obsessive fans, which often turns into a direct threat to life. These are the most terrifying stalker stories.

Kendall Jenner 

In an interview, Kendall Jenner revealed that she encounters this phenomenon almost every month.

In 2016, 25-year-old Shavon McKenzie broke into the model’s home and hid in the driveway of her garage, and when she pulled out of the garage, he started banging on the car. 

McKenzie was sentenced to six months in jail for the home invasion, but was acquitted of the stalking charge.

In 2018, the star had a new obsessive fan, John Ford. He broke into her home four times in three months. The stalker ended up getting a five-year ban from approaching the star.

Harry Styles

In 2019, Spanish citizen Pablo Tarazaga-Orero stalked actor, singer and TikTok user favorite Harry Styles for months. The musician said he met his stalker while he was sleeping at a bus stop. Stiles took pity on him and offered to buy him food or pay for a hotel. Tarazaga-Orero said he was a vegan and asked to be fed Japanese edamame beans. Stiles brought him lunch from a vegan cafe. That’s where the obsession began. 

The man set up a tent near Stiles’ home in north London and followed him around for three months. Tarazaga-Orero put money and notes in the celebrity’s mailbox, followed him everywhere, and once tried to grab the actor as he walked to the pub.

At the trial, Tarazaga-Orero said that Stiles himself offered to have sex with him. Stalker was sentenced to a year of community supervision, a small fine and a month of psychological treatment, and was banned from interacting with the singer, posting posts about him on social media and coming within 250 meters of him. In late 2020, he violated the ban – posting to Stiles on Facebook. The case for violating the restraining order is now pending in court.

Keira Knightley

In 2017, British actress Keira Knightley and her husband, former Klaxons musician James Wrighton, encountered an extravagant stalker. He was obsessed not only with the star family, but also with cats. Mark Reville, 50, sent the Knightley family notes and postcards with cats, and once sent a thumb drive with the song “The Fuzzy Kitty Waltz” in his own performance and asked the star to appreciate the song and perform it on stage. Another time, a man came to Knightley’s family home and started meowing into her mailbox. The actress’ spouse chased him away.

Reville commented on the story on Twitter, “If Wrighton plays the devil, I have to play the public punisher, right?” He also posted nude photos of Keira Knightley on social media.

In December 2016, the man was arrested. A psychiatric evaluation revealed that he was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. It turned out that he had repeatedly committed inappropriate acts in the past: taking nude pictures of children, sending letters with threats or obscenities to various people, and once nakedly climbing into a nurse’s house. The court ordered him to undergo compulsory treatment, sentenced him to a fine and eight weeks in jail, and forbade him to approach members of Knightley’s family.

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