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15 Awesome Quotes From Fela Kuti: Africa’s Greatest Musician



Fela Kuti

By Ian Ortega 

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1. “I do not believe any more in the marriage institution. The marriage institution for the progress of the mind is evil. I learned that from prison. Why do people marry? Is it to be together? Is it to have children? People marry because they are jealous. People marry because they are possessive. People marry because they are selfish. All this comes to the very ugly fact that people want to own and control other people’s bodies. I think the mind of human beings should develop to the point where that jealous feelings should be completely eradicated.”

2. “I don’t treat women as objects to be used. I just don’t agree to possess a woman.”

3. “A radical is he who has no sense…fights without reason…I have a reason. I am authentic. Yes, that’s what I am.”

4. “To think how many Africans suffer in oblivion. That makes me sad… Despite my sadness, I create joyful rhythms… I am an artist… I want people to be happy and I can do it by playing happy music. And through happy music I tell them about the sadness of others… So really I am using my music as a weapon.”

5. “Look, we’re very backward. The African continent is degenerating into what I call the era of second slavery. And it’s caused by a conspiracy of Western Governments on one side and illegal African Governments on the other side, operating without a constitution. My Government is like that, a military Government that runs the country by decree.”

6. “Now, there is a lot of violence between the armed forces, the police and the citizens. If I became president now I would immediately pass a law that makes every citizen a policeman or a soldier. Today’s society has so many laws and so many institutions, but Africa needs a different approach before it can develop as a continent.”

7. “…I can’t f**k without grass, man. If you f**k with grass once, you won’t want to f**k without grass anymore. It would be a useless exercise,…That’s why I started smoking grass o.”

8. “Sex is a gift of nature. Why do men make laws to check it? A law telling you where to f**k and another telling you when to f**k.”

9. “…man is here against his will. Where do we come from? What was before us?…when you think you die, you’re not dead. Its a transition.”

10. “I don’t tell lies against anybody. That’s why I always win all my wars.”

11. “Privatization in Nigeria is selling the Government to individuals. And with the debt equity swap, the World Bank is ruining my country with what it owns; it means my country is on the market. I’ve never seen that before, historically. It’s happening in Nigeria, Ghana, and these leaders accept this arrangement. Which makes me feel that they are agents for the Western system: they do everything, they have the guns to persecute, and people become poorer and poorer, which is making life difficult for Africans.” “That’s why I use politics in my music. That’s the only way a wider audience will get acquainted with the important issues. It makes sense culturally as well. In Africa, we don’t sing really about love. We sing about happenings. That’s the tradition: there are no love songs like ‘Darling, Kiss Me.” “It just shows how low the mentality of my country’s leaders was. I thought they had developed a little bit of sense.”

12. “A Nigerian senator just told me : “If even only 5000 Nigerians started imitating Fela, it would soon be very chaotic here !” “Fela : No, it would be a revolution!”

13. “To be spiritual is not by praying and going to church. Spiritualism is the understanding of the universe so that it can be a better place to live in.”

14. “I want peace. Happiness. Not only for myself. For everybody.”

15. “Bleaching of the body to look lighter is immoral.”

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Meet Nabongo, the Ugandan Girl Who Has Been to Every Country In The World



By Staff Writer

She is not a slay queen, that is why you may not know her. But she will be the first person in the world to have visited every country in every continent.

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Jessica Nabongo is an American born Ugandan travel influencer who has been to 170 countries out of the 193 recognized by United Nations. She is left with 25 countries to go and all these she hopes to visit by end of 2019.

In North Korea for example, she could not travel on an American passport and had to use her Ugandan passport to gain entry. She is daring but above all, she is proof that the world is your oyster.

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Richest Pastors in Uganda and Their Businesses Revealed



By Staff Writer

It pays to be a man of God in Uganda. We bring you the richest pastors aka men of God in the country as of 2019 and their main businesses.

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Prophet Samuel Kakande (Mining and Agriculture)

Prophet Kakande of Synagogue Church of All Nations is probably the richest pastor in Uganda at the moment. None comes an inch close. He is the only man of God in Uganda who can buy a private jet. But above all, he is very humble in his dealings. You may never suspect he tops all. From driving the latest version of Jeeps and all other car brands, Prophet Kakande is into mining. He holds the highest number of individual mining licenses. From sand to gold to diamond, he mines it all.

He is also Uganda’s most successful commercial farmer owning acres and acres of rice and maize. He owns herds and herds of cattle. Of late, he’s also bought off most of his neighbours in Mulago as he prepares to construct the largest and most modern church in Africa. The church will have accomodation facilities for over 1000 people and will have a seating capacity of over 50,000.

Estimated Networth: $900 million

Pastor Joseph Sserwadda (Real Estate, Imports)

Pastor Joseph Sserwadda of Victory Church Ndeeba is a name worth mentioning in second position. His main focus currently is real estate. He is also heavily into trade.

Estimated Network: $800 million

Pastor Robert Kayanja (Real Estate, Imports)

Coming in closely is Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle Centre Cathedral. He literally owns chunks and chunks of land around lake victoria. He is also a large importer of different products in the country. He owns a number of arcades in the country.

Estimated Networth: $700 million

Pastor Aloysious Bujingo (Media)

He is the first Ugandan pastor to run a very successful media enterprise. Salt TV and Salt FM are the only profit making religious stations in the country. Although he is new money, these two enterprises put him in fourth position.

Estimated Networth: $200 million

Prophet Elvis Mbonye (Real Estate)

Prophet Elvis Mbonye is the latest entrant on this list. He has specialized in land acquisition. According to close associates, every two days, there is an acre of land being registered in his name. He owns the most expensive fleet on range rovers.

Estimated Networth: $50 million

To be Continued….

Image Sources: Internet Photos.

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Celebrity Gossip

Uganda league champions KCCA FC parade trophy before sponsors StarTimes



Uganda premier league 2018-2019 champions KCCA FC this morning showed gratitude to their main sponsors StarTimes when they visited their Lumumba avenue based offices with their trophy to appreciate all the support accorded.

Led by their captian Benjamin Ochan, the team headed to StarTimes offices, signed some of the staff jerseys and also took group photos with staff. StarTimes from the time of partnering with KCCA FC has seen the club complete its stadium in Lugogo and is said to have injected billions of shillings.

StarTimes Executive Vice President Franklin Wang in a congratulatory message said “I would like to inform everyone that the league had 480 games played in different stadium countrywide in the StarTimes

During this season, we have been able to broadcast 75 out of 100 live matches in different stadium countrywide. This is almost double the number of live game broadcast live in the previous season. It is also the biggest number of live broadcast games ever in the history of live football broadcasting in Uganda.

These matches were widely watched on both Sanyuka TV using the traditional television as well as on the StarTimes ON, which is a popular the StarTimes App that shows both local and international content.

During this season we were able to have two night games at Namboole Stadium between Villa Vs Kirinya Jinja and Villa Vs Mbarara City. These matches were greatly watched both at the stadium and on the App even when they were also broadcasted during peak hours. This was the first time we had night games in over ten years in Ugandan Football.

 I would also like to thank teams their management and fans for the good discipline exhibited during this season 2018 / 2019. We have not had any cases of violence and discipline.

We thank the media, for the extensive coverage you have given us during this season, FUFA and UPL for the teamwork. We also would like to extend our appreciation of the security agencies for the work well done.

We are committed to continuously improve the quality of broadcasts. We also pledge to increase the number of upcountry game broadcasted live. We want to increase the number of night games with cooperation from the different club management and we plan to increase the total number of live games broadcasted in general.

We congratulate KCCA FC upon wining their 13 Championship title.”KCCA FC finished top of the league with 66 points after 30 games with last season’s champions Vipers FC coming second with 59 points. The club headcoach Mutebi in an interview with us promised to come even more dangerous next season. “We want to dominate Ugandan football,” he added.

Last year in August, StarTimes entered a 10-year deal for both tittle and broadcast rights for the now titled StarTimes Uganda Premier League and StarTimes big league.

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