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12 Crazy sex positions by your Zodiac sign





The 12 Zodiac Signs come with their peculiar characteristics ranging from one’s lifestyle, love life, finances, ability and even sex life.

A research carried out by Cosmopolitan on what each sign entails when it comes to sex, brings to light the best sex position for each zodiac sign.

Find out which one best suits your sign in order to find something you like, and then take turns by finding and doing your man/woman’s zodiac sex position.

Most importantly, keep in mind which traits belong to which sign in order to better your chemistry.


As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are born leaders. With an abundance of self confidence and the motivation to take initiative in most situations, there aren’t many things you’re not afraid to try sexually.

Being outspoken in bed is not a problem for you, but keep in mind that your partner might need some easing into the daring suggestions you make. Given your adventurous nature and fearless attitude, the best sex position for you is The Head Game.


This sign is known for being experimental and uninhibited. We suggest the “Rub-a-Tub”.

Get in your tub and fill it up a little less than half way with water. Have your man sit down first then you can crouch down on his lap facing away from him. If you have a removable shower head, choose a pulse setting you like and have it hover over your clitoris. If you don’t have a removable shower head just use a vibrator.


You are imaginative and energetic, two things that make great naughty sessions! In order to widen your library of sex positions we would recommend the “Yes, Yes, Yes!” position.

Lie face down on the edge of a bed. This would be best on a low bed so you can rest your hands on the floor. Your man can then can get on top of you and enter you from behind.


You’re pretty unpredictable in bed. One night you may be very romantic and the next you may want it rough. It’s all depending on your mood. The next time you do get in the mood we advise to use girl on top.

In this position you can call the shots on whether you want it to be more sensual by leaning in close to your partner. You can also do backwards cowgirl if you crave a position that involves less intimacy.


You are all about having love and passion as a part of your sex life, but you’re also wild. Keeping this in mind, we decided to recommend “The Hot Tub Hug”.

Hop into a hot tub with your man and have him sit down normally. Then get onto his lap facing him with your feet resting on the seat by his thighs. Enjoy the ride!


Chances are you more straight to the point in bed, and lean towards the more innocent side. Taurus women are dependable and generous which is great for a sex partner. With that in mind, we recommend the missionary position.

No it’s not kinky, but it gets the job done. Lie back while your man does his thing!


You are very sexual and up for experimenting. Due to that we decided to give you a position that can be done outside of the bedroom and involves flexibility. Take a look at the “V for Vixen”.

Once you find an elevated surface like a desk or a washing machine, lie on your back. Your man will then stand between your legs. To get set up, put one leg on each of his shoulders and wrap your arms around his neck for support so your body is in a “V” formation. Now it’s time to start the fun!


This sign is romantic and likes to be subtle.  Next time things are heating up between you and your man, try “The Wow-Him Powwow.”

Have your guy sit down with his legs crossed, then straddle him and have him enter you. This is definitely an intimate position you’ll enjoy.


You’re dramatic, love games, and are all about teasing. In order to play up these traits, we advise to switch up the foreplay by giving your partner a nice hot oil massage (or be naughty and demand a hot oil massage from your partner with a promise of a reward). Follow up this romantic foreplay with spooning!

Lie down on your side and have your man do the same behind you, then have him enter you. The intimacy and passion will be intense!


Chances are you are very playful in bed, which is a great way to be! Next time you are in the mood, try the “Twirl-A-Girl” position.

Have your man lie down on his back, and then get on top of him but face to one side so your body is perpendicular to his, then have him enter you. Use your arms to support your weight and start finding your groove. This might lead to a few giggles in beginning, but that’s part of the fun.


You are known to strive for perfection and have a highly analytical mind, dear Virgo. You are precise and demanding in all that you do, and sometimes you notice this spilling over to your sex life.

You are a giver and hold yourself to the highest standard. Because of this, we suggest you hone your oral sex skills. Just make sure you’re outspoken about receiving as much as you give! Your lover should never try to take advantage of your generous nature.


Women of this a sign love foreplay and are particularly good at kissing. In order to play up these strengths, we propose “The So-Fa So Good.”

Enjoy the 69 position in a whole new way by having your man lie upside down on a sofa or couch. You can then sit on top of him with his face between your legs. Take your time pleasuring each other orally before switching it up to another move.

Source: Pulse.ng

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