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12 Apps to Make This Valentine’s Day Your Best One Yet



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What’s red, white and romantic all over? Valentine’s Day. The sappy holiday is approaching fast, and there are millions of ways to prepare for it.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or just love celebrating love, we’ve scoped out 12 useful and fun apps that’ll make the holiday bright.

Whether you use a movie app such as Flixster to see what’s playing in theaters, or you create a sweet, customized card with Red Stamp, these apps will help .

1. Open Table Mobile

Restaurants are popular stomping grounds on holidays, and Valentine’s is no exception. Open Table, a free mobile app, allows users to surf around for available restaurants and make reservations. It also has Dining Rewards Points, which enable users to accrue credit that could go toward getting coupons, and Dining Cheques, which you can use at cooperating Open Table businesses.

open table

2. Couple

If you’re in a relationship, you might go a bit overboard with social media on V-Day. Instead of clogging up your single friends’ feeds, use the Couple app instead. It’s a free tool that enables users to share photos, create personalized calendars (where you can set all of your important anniversary dates), write lists and more with their partners.

3. 30 Day Relationship Challenge

This free Android app challenges couples to do something sweet for each other for 30 days in a row. Its goal is to make relationships stronger, and can be used after Valentine’s Day as a jumping off point for daily romantic activities.

4. Fingle

If you’re at a boring party or on an awkward blind date, and you want to spice things up, try Fingle, an iPad app that is basically Twister for your fingers. The $1.99 game makes users get intimate with each other’s hands, and could turn out to be the fun icebreaker you needed — or a recipe for even more awkwardness. It’s what you make it.

5. Date Escape

You’re on a date, when you suddenly realize it’s absolutely terrible and has no chance of redemption. None of your friends will reply to your furtive text messages, asking them to call so you can fake an emergency and get out of there. For a last ditch effort, employ Date Escape, a $0.99 app that fakes phone calls and texts, so you can politely, but urgently, escape.

6. iMeet

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, or have friends who are spread out all over the country, you can use the free iMeet app to connect. Schedule a time to video chat, and record your conversation so you can listen to it whenever you want.

7. Red Stamp

If you want to send personalized cards, notes and announcements, use the free iOS app Red Stamp. It allows you to send customized cards via email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and by regular paper mail.

red stamp

8. Flixster

Going to a movie theater is a popular Valentine’s activity, as evidenced by the onslaught of romantic films edging to capitalize on the thematic holiday. Use Flixster to find nearby theaters, showtimes, movie trailers and reviews. You can also stream movies and manage your Netflix list.

9. Love Poems

Want to say something romantic, but struggle with stringing poetic words together? Scroll through the Love Poems app for Android, and you just might happen upon a beautiful poem you’ve never heard before. You can also grab and send available poems through text, email or Twitter.

10. Let’s Date

Being dateless on Valentine’s Day can be exciting, or miserable, depending on how you look at it. If you fall in the latter camp of singledom blues, try out the free iPhone dating app Let’s Date.

By connecting to your Facebook account (it won’t show up on your News Feed or post statuses), you can set up a mini profile that includes your picture and a couple of your interests. Then, anonymously browse through other profiles and click ‘Let’s Date’ on the ones that interest you. If someone you like clicks ‘Let’s Date’ on your picture, too, then you found a match.

lets date

11. Gravy

All dressed up with nowhere to go? There’s an app for that. Gravy is designed to tap into fun things to do in your area, with categories such as “Lively,” “Classy,” “Brainy” or plain old “Whatever.” It’ll guide you toward a bevy of events happening wherever you live.

12. Twine Canvas

This dating app is for those who are still hesitant about being judged by their photos on a profile. Using Twine Canvas, you create a collage of images that reflect your personality. Then, you can pick other canvases that appeal to you. If you and other participant pick each other, your pictures are revealed and you can chat from there. Happy hunting!

Source: Mashable


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