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1000 Development Channel (DC) Staff Pray for Africa’s Unity



As a culture at Development Channel every last Saturday of the month is request night. Given Development Channel’s vision of liberating Africa from poverty, a task which seems impossible, request night is simply asking for grace from God that makes all things possible through prayer. The theme of this month’s request night was “The God of Unity.”

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In the words of a modern Pan-Africanist, Chairman and founder of Development Channel Charles N. Lambert, Africa’s identity for a long time has been synonymous with poverty and death. He knows too well that Africa does not only need ideals but also God in order to confront this disgusting image.

For far too long Africa has lagged behind based on funny factors like the pull down syndrome. While the most part of the world puts so much concentration on helping each other up, for example the Indians, Chinese and Americans help themselves up the journey of success which is not a common phenomenon in Africa. It is only Africans that have not yet noticed the notion that there is ample space up in the sky for everyone, and it is more crowded down below.

Development Channel Chairman stated that our political independence was spear headed by a strong spirit of unity by a breed of Pan-Africanists that put Africa first with a united goal and bent all their strength to this attainment, so we must recognize that our economic independence resides in our African union and requires the same concentration upon the economic achievement. He explained that, that spirit of Pan-Africanism now resides in one leader across the whole continent, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and he demanded that all African governments must embrace his legacy of freedom and security. The reality of the matter is that Pan-Africanism was introduced by Black Americans like William Edward Burghardt (W.E.B) Du Bois. They introduced Pan-Africanism to African students studying in Europe and America. It is this spirit and Pan-African ideology that these students brought back home to Africa and pushed it forward to attain political independence.

In order to achieve Africa’s unity, DC staff prayed for end of; Xenophobia, tribalism, classism, pulldown syndrome and illiteracy in Africa. It is sad that at this day and age, we still judge people by where they come from rather than their content of character. It’s only in Africa where Public Servants act like they’re a class above everyone else ignoring that they’re in those offices to serve the people.

No sporadic act nor pious resolution can resolve Africa’s present problems. Even if thousands of NGOs participated, nothing will be of avail, except the act of a united Africa.

Even God desires that Africa be united because He is a God of unity as evidenced in Genesis where The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.” Through Africa’s unity that staff were praying for, there is nothing that will hinder Development Channel army from winning the economic war.

Present at the request night were the following celebrated personalities; Cleopatra Koheirwe, Douglas Lwanga, Mathew Nabwiso, Eleanor Nabwiso, Andrew Kyamagero, Coco Finger, Roger Mugisha, Mushema Housen, Richard Tuwangye, Joel Jenkins among others.

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Photo News

Akuze the witch doctor who sued Kadaga is a mad man – Relative reveals



Recently a man from Kumuli district came out with strong allegations of the speaker of parliament owing him about 200 million shillings. Akuze claimed to have administered charm that has kept Kadaga in powerful political positions and furthering her career. He further alleged that the speaker approached him in 1990 and has never paid a single penny, reason the amount accumulated to 200 million shillings. The speaker has since refuted allegations.

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Akuze was born Damian Akuze and is a resident of Buwala in Kamuli district and has 8 children whose mother died. According to residents he has never been known as a witchdoctor but rather a mad man. “A few years ago, he was haunted by family spirits compelling him to to run mad. We have always known him as insane in the family. He is fine and the next moment he is running on the street” a close family member revealed.

The relative also added that years earlier Akuze was suspected to have participated in the murder of his younger brother but could not be persecuted because he was known as a mad man.

Akuze’s house in Kamuli

“His allegations of helping to keep Kadaga in power are baseless and should be ignored completely” he concluded.

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MTN Uganda launches Two in One Mi-fi and Powerbank



By Staff Writer

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Device is a two in one Mi-Fi and Powerbank
Can be used by up to 10 users, has 5,000 mAh battery
The device is also 2G, 3G and 4G compatible and retails at only UGX 189,000

Kampala, Uganda – Friday 21st December 2018: In this modern era, being able to be fully connected to the internet and having your phone fully charged is almost a primary need!

Ask anyone who holds a phone and their biggest fear is running out of battery on any given day. In addition, the need to be ‘connected’ is important to keep up with communication with business, friends and family.

Due to this, many had to move around with two important devices, a Mi-Fi and a power bank. However, thanks to MTN Uganda, the days of walking around with two bulky gadgets will now come to an end with the introduction of a two-in-one Mi-Fi.

“As part of our twentieth anniversary celebrations, we are giving Ugandans a perfect gift for their communication needs in the form of an exciting new device” said MTN Uganda’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Olivier Prentout.

He continued: “Our customers will now be able to stay connected to the best 4G Internet while keeping their phones powered up throughout the day thanks to the never seen before MTN 2-in-1 Mi-Fi and Powerbank.”

The device will enable users to keep up to date with all the online action, news as well as be connected with their work. According to MTN Uganda, the product is as a result of feedback from customers who complained about carrying bulky power banks and Mi-Fis separately, sometimes making their pockets and bags heavy.

The following are the key features of the MTN 2-in-1 Mi-Fi and Powerbank:
4G compatibility
Can pick 2G and 3G MTN networks as well
1.5-inch display
Can connect up to 10 users
5,000 mAh battery
LTE compatible

The MTN 2-in-1 Mi-Fi and Powerbank can fully charge a smart phone (as a power-bank) more than twice, making the device a must have for smartphone device owners, individuals working on the move or remotely, students and firms or start-ups that work in small groups or in close proximity who jointly need internet connectivity.

The device, which retails at only UGX 189,000 and comes packed with 3GB valid for 30 days, is now readily available at all MTN shops, Banana Shops, partner dealer shops and on Jumia online shopping website ( Major phone shops will also stock the devices

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Celebrity Gossip

Salvador Checks Apass and Ykee Benda over twitter brawl



By Consolate Namyalo

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If you do not know about yesterday’s tweef between musicians Ykee Benda and Apass ,you are definitely living on another planet.

The two artists got into it after an exchange related to Fik Fameica’s flopped concert escalated into a battle of words between the two, pitting their fans against each other. The exchange kept going for a while, as twitter spectators had the time of their life laughing at all the banter.

Comedian Salvado doing what he does best- comedy.

Comedian Salvador however came through to challenge the two artists, asking them to give Fik Fameica respect for going all out and having the courage to put on a concert, telling them that until they put on their own concerts they should look at Fik as a teacher they need to learn from.

“My message to @IAmApass and @YkeeBenda  … until both of you do a major show… please give credit to @FFameica for going all out.. right now he is the teacher … esp you my kid bro A Pas … tusigale nga tuli bakakamu.. Do a show and let the masses judge.”

We hope this quells the situation.

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