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100 English Words Eddy Kenzo Can’t Dare To Sing About



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By Ian Ortega

Ever since Eddy Kenzo promised bringing Uganda its first Grammy Award when he took singing in English serious, the BigEye.ug fans have been restless. They have come up with a list on 100 English words Eddy Kenzo can never dare to sing about in his entire music career. The fans would like to send out a safety precaution to Eddy Kenzo Musuza that singing about these words could result in death and severe tongue-biting. For the sake of the buffalos in the Ugandan forest, we kindly plead with him never to sing about the following:

1. Sophisticated                                          eddy kenzo

2. Flirtatiousness

3. Retrospect

4. Quagmire

5. Photosynthesis

6. Characteristics

7. Statistics

8. Solemnly

9. Brusque

10. Obnoxious

11. Symposium

12. Outskirts

13. Booked

14. Traumatized

15. Hostel

16. Fragmented

17. Intricate

18. Juice

19. Ostentatious

20. Flabbergasted

21. Accomplish

22. Abstruse

23. Acupuncture

24. Adjudicate

25. Altercation

26. Apocalypse

27. Befuddle

28. Crotchety

29. Plumber

30. Duodenum

31. Plethora

32. Celebrity

33. Guitar

34. Microphone

35. Musicology

36. Quandary

37. Xylophone

38. Quintuplet

39. Quotation

40. Qualification

41. Question

42. Postpone

43. Questionnaire

44. Quintessence

45. Hooper

46. Outskirts

47. English

48. Hetrotranctionious

49. Ecclestophobia

50. Ecclesiastes

51. Asbestos

52. Cap, Cup, Cape

53. Hut, Hat, Hot, Hurt

54. No, Know, Knoll

55. Calm, Cum, Come

56. Stay, Steak, Stare

57. Kilogram

58. Wine, Whine

59. Cool, Curl, School

60. Legislature

61. Parliament

62. Executive

63. Swagger

64. Chemical

65. Estrange

66. Genocide

67. Murder

68. Buffalo

69. Erratic

70. Cosmic

71. Dissertation

72. Transcript

73. Conglomerate

74. Congratulation

75. Congregation

76. Cerebellum

77. Chamber

78. Bowdlerize

79. Haphazard

80. Hallucinogenic

81. Maintenance

82. Magnanimous

83. Gigantic

84. Magistrate

85. Resuscitate

86. Gynecology

87. Posthumous

88. Ophthalmology

89. Telescope

90. Television

91. Lackluster

92. Labyrinth

93. Implacable

94. Impious

95. Imperious

96. Impregnate

97. Impromptu

98. Gymnasium

99. Portfolio

100. Your Word (Add It)

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Celebrity Gossip

“I earned 120K at my first job” Brian Ahumuza consoles Sheila Gashumba



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By Reporter

Fashion guru Ahumuza Brian of Abryanz Collection has revealed how he was also being paid 120 monthly salary. Through his social media platforms, Ahumuza Brian has revealed how much he was paid being when he had just started his fashion road years ago.

Ahumuza opened up his first store, The Abryanz Collection Store, a clothing retail opened its doors to the public in 2010 at Prime Complex and in 2014, the Abryanz Collection was awarded as the Best Youth Fashion Store at the Kadanke Youth Awards.At the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards in 2015, the Abryanz Collection launched its first custom made collection. The majority of the pieces are now on sale in stores. This collection was collaboration between Brian Ahumuza and a few fashion designers in Korea.

The Abryanz Collection has also showcased at many of the past Buzz Teeniez Awards events, and Kadanke Youth Awards. Off the runway, the collection has exhibited in secondary schools within Kampala and across Central region during the school tours organized by the fashion magnet.

The Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards. (2013- To Date)

With the idea of getting the fashion industry in Uganda pronounced and established, Brian Ahumuza begun The Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards back in 2013.

Abryanz was named the new Ciroc UG Brand ambassador on 14 October 2016. The fashion guru broke records as he became the first East African to endorse the Premium Vodka Brand, Ciroc.

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Celebrity Gossip

A Mbarara 9 year old releases her debut single



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By Reporter

Have you thought about the children’s entertainment specially during this lockdown? 

This is sorted as a 9 year old girl from Mbarara district releases  her first solo video titled ‘NINZA KWEGA’ literally meaning ‘I WILL LEARN’ 

Murungi is undoubtedly talented  and picks inspiration from her mother Emily Kikazi, the region’s reigning Best Female Artist. Murungi’s project does not come as a mistake since she recently featured her mother in the trending Runyankore song titled Twerinde Coronavirus. Murungi brings out a strong voice and wonderful gestures in the NINZA KWEGA single. It’s not the first time she appears before a camera. In 2019, Murungi appeared in a song visual titled ‘Mwana Wangye’ where the mother was telling her to be a well behaved child. Now in her Ninza Kwega song, the young beautiful Murungi, like her name, seems to be putting into practice what the mother taught her. Murungi is a lucky girl. She is already signed under her mother’s label called SUPER RICH GANG and the song was produced by the best producer Deus Kabagambe of sure tunes and Video was shot by VoltFilms. The mother tells us that she has a full independent management under the same label led by one U-Turn Fahard who is an influencer in the region. 

The mother, Emily Kikazi, an artist, says she is aiming at a big brand Murungi not just a stage performing artist. Murungi is having a personal music coach who doubles as her producer Deus Kabagambe. In just hours, her Facebook page MURUNGI and Youtube channel MURUNGI UG have shown pretty good growth. I recommend this video for every parent and child. Good luck MURUNGI!

Watch her debut single here

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Celebrity Gossip

Lydia Jazmine, Feffe Bussi, Tonix and Grenade light up Club Beatz second edition



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By Reporter

The second edition of Club Beatz at Home online concert took place on Saturday and featured singers Lydia Jazmine, Grenade, Feffe Bussi and Tonix. The show as usual was hosted by Martha Kay and DJ Aludah made his debut appearance.

The Club Pilsner organised show lived up expectations and got fans piling praise for the exhibition. All artistes performed in the comfort of their homes.

The show started with Allan Tonix electrifying ‘Swag Meter’ performance. Tonix also did ‘Sikuleka’, ‘Romance’, and ‘Sunday’ before leaving the mic for Grenade. Grenade did his master pieces Nkuloga and Akaama among other songs and still put up a good show.

Lydia Jazmine then took over the show with her ‘Masuka’, ‘You and Me’, ‘Hit and Run’ among others. Feffe Bussi, the master of free style then closed the artistes’ show with ‘Business’, ‘Love Yo’ among others.

The party went on all night with Sir Aludah on the decks.

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Celebrity Gossip

UK Based Ugandan Singer BrenJeezy Releases Charity song Aimed at Improving lives of Less privileged Children, Watch here



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By Reporter

UK based Ugandan singer “Brenjeezy” recently released a video featuring some underprivileged children in the small town of Kawempe, Uganda. The song is called “Give Me water, Give Me Freedom, Give me life” it is about the beauty if Africa, but at the same time it highlights the poverty that many young children in uganda face. The song was written by Canadian singer/songwriter Rox Hunter and Adrian Brewer from the UK.

From this single and video we hope to raise awareness and money to help look after the children and their families. Brenjeezy has been working alongside a charity called Walk For Water, and they have been able to provide for the kids in Kawempe during the current lockdown due to covid-19 outbreak

Brenjeezy real name Brenda Caroline Walugembe has also worked with many charities in uganda before and is passionate about children.

Watch it here

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