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10 Things That Happen to Every Couple Once Valentine’s Day is Over



Couple enjoying dinner

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So the day of love is over and we are back to regular old life. No more mushy messages or surprise gifts that you can post on Instagram, it’s back to regular conversations between work meetings, normal order-in dinners and blanket stealing marathons. And if you are feeling low post all that love-rush, trust us its happening to everyone else too; and its completely normal.

1. Surprise gifts? Sorry you have to wait till your birthday now.

2. Phone calls are back to being practical and to the point.

3. The dining table candles are packed off. They will now make an appearance next year.

4. And so will the sexy lingerie.

5. This Saturday you are dining at home because post V-day everyone’s broke.

6. Both of you are feeling too lazy to throw out the flowers. Maybe you’ll do it over the weekend…

7. You’ve stop bringing him up in every conversation.

8. You often wonder if that super romantic guy you went out for dinner on the14th was really your boyfriend.

9. Cute couples photos on FB no longer make you go awww. Who cares anyway.

10. On second thoughts those cute gifts that you gave each other aren’t all that great.

Source: iDiva.com

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