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10 Apps To Cut Down Your Phone Bill



With Internet-enabled phones, it has become easier to stay in touch with people at all times. With plenty of apps that offer text, audio or video-based options to stay connected, it can be difficult to pick ones that stand out from the crowd.

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Here is a list of some popular free calling applications in no particular order

1) Skype


Skype was perhaps the pioneer in this space and continues to be used by a large number of people. The app lets you do text, voice and video chats. It also enables users to do group calls and call landlines and mobile phones at a cost.

Available for: iOSAndroidWindows PhoneBlackBerry 10WindowsMac

2) WeChat


WeChat is available across varied mobile platforms. The app offers features like Live Chat, Group chat, Video calling and push-to-talk. This app also comes with a ‘Shake’ feature to help you find new friends. To use this feature, all you have to do is shake your phone and the app will help you connect with other people, who are shaking their mobile at that time.

Available for: iOSAndroidBlackberrySymbianWindows PhoneWeb

3) Google Hangouts


Google offers a free video chat service Google+ Hangouts. It lets you make free video calls that can be one-on-one or and group chats (maximum ten people at a time). This app is available for all Android smartphones running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher. In case of iOS, the devices should be running on iOS 6 or later.

Available for: iOSAndroid / Web

4) Tango


Tango is another nifty application that lets you make free calls. This app also comes with a “Push-to-Talk” feature, which helps in turning your smartphone into a walkie-talkie.

Available for: iOSAndroidWindows Phone 7Windows

5) Fring

fring copy

Fring is also a free application that enables you to make free calls. The group calling feature helps you to talk simultaneously with up to 4 participants. Just like Skype, Fring can also be used to make calls to regular phones around the world at an additional cost.

Available for: iOSAndroidNokia

6) Viber


With the help of Viber, users can make free calls, send free texts and share location and setting. For using Viber, you don’t need to create a separate username, as your mobile number doubles up as your ID. After you have installed the Viber app, it syncs your mobile contact list, automatically detecting which contacts area already using Viber, similar to WhatsApp.

Available for: AndroidiOSBlackberryWindows PhoneMacNokiaBadaWindows

7) Nimbuzz


Nimbuzz lets you send free messages and call other Nimbuzz users. This app has started offering ‘NimbuzzOut’ service, which is a low cost Pay-As-You-Go option to make calls to other mobiles and landlines numbers across the World

Available for: AndroidiOSBlackberryWindows PhoneNokiaJava

8) WhatsApp


WhatsApp is perhaps the most well know application in the list, outside of Skype, and has become the proffered alternate to SMS for millions across the globe.

Available for: iPhoneAndroidBlackBerryNokiaWindows Phone

9) Hike


Hike is a desi app that offers a feature-set very similar to WhatsApp, though it offers additional features like sending SMS to non-Hike users, walkie-talkie mode and more.

Available for: iOSAndroidBlackBerryNokiaWindows Phone

10) Line


Line is another popular app that offers features similar to those in the list, including voice chat, stickers, and more.

Availanle for: iPhoneAndroidWindows PhoneBlackBerry / Nokia AshaMacWindowsWindows 8

Bonus: Facebook Messenger


If you spend all day on Facebook, you don’t need to look beyond Facebook Messenger.

Available for: AndroidBlackBerryiPhone

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Tech and Gadgets

Global Internet Organization calls for Africans to claim their voice on the internet



Pierre Dandjinou, ICANN VP of GSE in Africa, stresses a point during the media roundtable.

Pierre Dandjinou, ICANN VP of GSE in Africa, stresses a point during the media roundtable.

By Our Reporter

A media roundtable brought together leaders of regional and global Internet organizations to share perspectives on African representation in the Internet ecosystem, and participation in shaping the Internet’s future.

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Led by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and attended by the Internet Society’s Uganda Chapter, and AfRegistrar, the media roundtable took place during the Africa Internet Summit (AIS) at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel.

ICANN has been actively seeking to help raise awareness and build capacities around the domain name system, and the Internet in general across Africa. As part of this, it has been supporting and holding several workshops in the region.

“Africa’s digital potential is rising, which makes it imperative for the continent to claim its voice in the global Internet governance and protect its interests” stressed Pierre Dandjinou, ICANN VP of GSE in Africa. “With this in mind, ICANN is committed to providing equal opportunities to inform the region’s different communities about the domain name industry, and working with them on how best to not only strengthen Africa’s online presence, but also improve their participation within ICANN. Uganda is no exception.”

ICANN helps people connect to each other online. This happens through its coordination of parts of the Domain Name System (DNS), which is at the very root of the Internet functions. It translates computer host names into IP addresses, as well as the Internet Protocol addressing system used to route Internet traffic. Thus, ICANN plays a specific, technical role, acting in the global public interest as the trusted steward of these unique identifier systems of the Internet. With every email, video chat, or online purchase, ICANN is touched in one way or another. Also, ICANN helps protect the resiliency and security of the DNS and of Internet at large.

“We need to have this dialogue about the Internet now, and not later; as Africa is not outside the realms of the Internet. Every policy made about the future of the Internet concerns us, too. So, we need to join the decision-makers, and not stay as bystanders” said Lillian Nalwoga, the President of ISOC Uganda Chapter.

The Internet penetration in Africa is around 37%, still lagging behind with respect to the global penetration rate which is at 57%.  Internet access is among the many other obstacles Africa has to overcome with respect to its integration into the global digital economy, including the domain name business.

“AfRegistrar will work closely with African Regulators, African Union and Private Sector to enable the emergency of a vibrant Internet Environment for the African Economy, with a good and active Internet Governance, in an active and harmonized Broadband Policy and Regulation for African countries” reiterated Mouhamet Diop, Chair of AfRegistrar.

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Reach A Hand launches app to ease access to sexual and reproductive health information



Humphrey Nabimanya the Founder and Team Leader at Reach A Hand Uganda during the SautiPlus launch.

Humphrey Nabimanya, the Founder and Team Leader at Reach A Hand Uganda at the SautiPlus launch.

By Our Reporter

Reach A Hand, Uganda (RAHU) has launched a mobile application which is specially designed to allow easy and convenient access to information about sexual and reproductive health & rights.

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Dubbed “SAUTI plus”, the app which is available for download on the Google Play store seeks to help young people understand and safely exercise their Reproductive Health Rights. It provides a safe space where young people can ask and have questions about their sexual reproductive health answered.

Speaking at the launch of the app, Humphrey Nabimanya the RAHU Founder and Team Leader, said the application is an innovative milestone in the organization’s continuous effort to find effective ways of communicating with young people.

“We are always innovating and finding new ways to reach young people. The SAUTIplus application will go a long way in helping us achieve this. It is an innovative one stop mobile app for young people to receive information on Sexual Reproductive Health, livelihood, entrepreneurship and other opportunities in a language that they understand.” said Mr Nabimanya.

“The information on it is in various forms such as 60 second educative videos, street casts, blogs and podcasts. There is also a tab for a counsellor to offer solutions to the challenges of the young people.” He further explained.

The application also provides referrals to youth friendly health service centres reducing the stigma associated with young people and sexual reproductive focused health visits. 

At the same event, RAHU also launched the new season of MTV Shuga Down South which is a series that uses sexual-health messaging with gripping storylines exploring the issues of sexual relationships between young people against a backdrop of continuing HIV infections.

The youth-focused series fosters discussions around the issues of unplanned pregnancy and HIV/AIDS on the continent and other youth centered issues such as abusive relationships, sexual assault and so much more.

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BigEye Money

Upgraded TECNO SPARK 3 Series with AI Bright Camera launched.



Upgraded TECNO SPARK 3 Series with AI Bright Camera launched.

By Staff Writer

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It’s that time of the year when phone manufacturing companies come up with different handset models. TECNO Uganda has today officially launched its newest Series smartphones, the TECNO Spark and the Spark 3 Pro at Sheraton Hotel.

According to Tecno, the two new handset Models are said to be the latest of the Spark Series with improved Camera features among other awesome things. The Camera comes with Artificial intelligence technology (AI Tech) as opposed to their predecessors that is the Spark 2 and 2 Pro.

Both phones run a 9.0 pie Android operating system with a 6.2-inch display LCD capacitive touchscreen with a Trendy and classy appearance. The phones come with improved storage capacity and run 4G LTE.

Definitely the new Series tick the boxes its predecessors failed to.

Some of the Specifications of the spark 3 include:

  • 6.2-inch capacitive display touch screen with an aspect ratio of 19:9
  • Runs Android 9.0 pie operating system (pre-installed on the phone)
  • 4G LTE
  • Face ID
  • 32GB internal storage
  • Quad-core 2.5GHz Media Tek Helio A22 with up to 2GB RAM minimises lagging of applications and renders multi-tasking possible respectively.
  • Finger print Sensor
  • 3,500 mAh Li-ion battery
  • 8MP selfie camera and 13MP + 2MP rear cameras with a LED flash for Bright and better Crisp pictures in poorly lit areas.

Other specifications include Bluetooth V5.0, 3.5mm earphone jack, Wi-Fi, sensors i.e. fingerprint sensor, proximity sensor, G-sensor and Ambient Light sensor, powerVR GE8320 GPU stationed on the phone chip provides quality graphics.

“The success of these latest series Spark 3 and 3 Pro respectively is deemed to surpass its predecessors” narrated the Tecno mobile Uganda Marketing Manager, Gladys Liu speaking at the launch at Sheraton Hotel.

These comments come in review with a positive shift in the sales performance of the Spark 2 and 2pro

The Tecno Spark 3 Series are available in 4 colors; Midnight Black, Bordeaux Red, Aqua blue and champagne Gold.

The smartphones are now up for sale in various smartphone online stores and shops with price tag of UGX429,000 and UGX 489,000 respectively effective of today Monday 6th 2019.

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