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  • Ykee Benda’s “Malaika” Video drops next week

    / April 20, 2017

    Our Reporter

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    Musician Ykee Benda commonly known for his song ‘Farmer’ is set to release a brand new video for his song Malaika next week. 

    According to Ykee, the video shot by Sasha Vybz will put rumours to rest about his love life and his recent proposal to long time girlfriend Julie. 

    He said; “People said my engagement was simply a video shoot. Now the video to the song I wrote for the most beautiful soul I will ever know is soon going to put all those assumptions to bed. And no thts not Julie in the picture thts ashor from the monster video shot my one of the very best Sasha.”

    The singer released the video trailer today. 

    We cannot wait to watch the video.



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