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  • Uganda’s Madinah ready to take over fashion Industry

    / February 11, 2017

    By Our Reporter 

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    Uganda’s Madinah has made her intentions of taking over the local fashion industry known.

    The fashionista, who for long had wanted to start up her own fashion line, decided to act on it recently.

    According to Madinah, her inspiration came from people she used to live with. She says that her mother used to send her clothes and shoes, so she could match them for her with the occasions to wear them to.

    The young fashionista explains that it is from this that she was inspired to start designing herself, shortly before she became a popular designer among her peers.

    “My mother’s actions were a great inspiration from my childhood days till today. And when I started going to the UK when I was young to visit my mum, we went shopping often times, I would buy the clothes and shoes that I fancied then reach home and I would design myself,” she says.

    This contributed further to Madinah’s love for fashion and design.

    “I now sell clothes, shoes, ladies hand bags and purses, makeup and other accessories all from the UK with great quality, style, fashion. They are also very unique,” she added.

    You can contact her via Whatsapp on +44 7758 157948.



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