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  • Ugandan musicians are NOT creative — Geosteady

    / April 21, 2017


    By Our Reporter

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    Ugandan artistes are not creative, at least according to musician Geosteady.

    The “Owooma” singer has revealed that the local music industry is still lagging behind on the African continent because musicians are reluctant to explore new music styles.

    He made the remarks while speaking about his recent music tour in South Africa. “Our music is not played in South African nightclubs,” he said. “I hang out in different nightclubs but not even one Ugandan song was played.”

    Geosteady further went on to add that Ugandan music sounds the same to foreigners.

    “Ugandan music all sounds the same,” he explained. “Artistes are not creative. Most singers usually ask producers to make a beat he has heard somewhere and  do not allow producers to exercise their creativity.”

    He concluded noting that musicians need to be more creative to be able compete more favorably on the continent.

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