Uganda film festival attracting few entry movies
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  • Uganda film festival attracting few entry movies

    / July 4, 2013

    By Tuhairwe Joab

    The first ever Uganda Film Festival organized by Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) is registering a sluggish response from the Ugandan film-makers.

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    Uganda has over 200 independent film makers/ companies despite some not being registered with the Uganda film federation. By the time we visited the registration offices in Bugolobi, only 12 movies had been submitted in different categories with some companies registering more than one title.

    This could be attributed to the use of a less multiplier effect mode of media-newspapers that could not have disseminated the festival favorably enough for all the citizenry.

    Some makers who have already submitted their projects said that the festival is a bit disorganized citing unreliable registration forms. Some categories advertised in the papers are not the categories on the registration form- both on line and hard copy.

    When one of the officials was reached, he told us that they have heard people’s complaints of varying forms and have concluded by designing a new registration form and some makers have adapted.

    Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) the official organizers of this festival requested film makers in collaboration with the Uganda Film Federation to assist them promote the festival on ground but this seems not to have worked out as many people still have no idea of what is yet to take place.

    According to one independent maker in town Jotham Mukasa, he was doubtful of the festival success saying the organizers have no experience and knowledge of film. “It’s likely to be like any other festival we have had here before, poor organization, unfairness and that’s why am not bothered to submit any. I have more than enough titles that I could have submitted but I can’t” said Jotham

    Meanwhile, the festival is to take place from 27th to 30th summing up with an award night on a venue yet to be announced to us. will keep you posted.



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