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  • Top Five Ugandan celebs with X-rated videos of 2016 revealed

    / December 21, 2016

    bubble 2

    By Prim Kembabazi

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    Fans demand too much from musicians, so much so, that some times they end up doing the unthinkable things to meet their demands. This year, these group of celebs went out of their way to create some of the most X-rated videos of the year to keep in their fans’ good books. –Okay, for some it’s just that they are degenerates.

    1. Bubble by Pallaso and Vector

    Fully packed with sexy babes, Pallaso and Vector pulled off one of the most x-rated videos of 2016 in their Bubble remix. The super hot video features cleaning girls from the Bubble cleaning company who come in skimpy outfits and do the nasty throughout the song.

    2. Tombawala by Bebe Cool

    Bebe Cool has been releasing hit after hit in 2016. The star who has connections in State house released a video with a sexy vixen who left no stone unturned in her work. From showing off her thighs to her booty, she gave it her all. One wonders if Bebe Cool would show this to the President on one of those State house visits if the big man asked to see his latest works.

    3. Mpa Amazzi by Amooti and Kasooto

    Amooti and his New Amarula productions packed with comedians and musicians is here to take over and 2016 was his year. One of his videos released this year called Mpa Amazzi which left more questions than answers from the selection of skimpily dressed vixens to the lyrics of the song and much more. Watch it yourself if you are 18 and above below.

    4. Pam Pam UG Remix By Ketchup and Jose Chameleone

    Not only will Dr. Jose Chameleone be remembered for his Agataako song in 2016, but he will also be remembered for his Pam Pam remix with Ketchup. The Video features sensual dances with the stars interacting with different ladies. Gals with big booty play in water as they mimic their Jamaican counterparts leaving one with a hard on.

    5. Akalulu by Ziza Bafana

    This year, the raga god of Uganda, Ziza Bafana decided to surprise fans when he featured a sexy model in his video. The vixen who was in a very small outfit flashed her honey pot several times for the camera before Ziza grabbed her by the booty and kissed her. Although fans said that he used a vixen old enough to be his grandmother, Ziza managed to pull off one of the most x-rated Ugandan music videos of 2016.

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