Top Uganda musicians shoot video for NRM campaigns.
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  • Top 20 Ugandan Songs of 2017 Revealed

    / March 13, 2017

    Top Uganda musicians shoot video for NRM campaigns.

    By Our Reporter

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    Wondering what Uganda’s top 20 songs at the moment are? The ones that won’t miss on any club playlist? Here they are.

    Kampala’s top songs at the moment based on popularity in night clubs.

    1. Ssente Zange (Big Cassava) by Mun-G
    2. Eva by Ykee Benda
    3. Nzunno by Rabadaba
    4. Your Body by Rabadaba ft Jody
    5. Nananana by Bebe Cool
    6. Ndaga Muntu by Alvin Kizz ft Hellen Lukoma
    7. Mavunya by Ziza Bafana
    8. Owooma by Geosteady
    9. Sweet Banana by Jose Chameleone
    10. Kazoole by Fille & Babaritah
    11. The Way by Sheebah
    12. Njabala by B2C & Spice Diana
    13. He Go Down by Irene Ntale
    14. Jaribu by Fille
    15. Akusse by Sheebah
    15. Big Bumoa by Mun G & Kemishan
    16. Smart Wire by Vampino
    17. Munakampala by Ykee Benda
    18. Lusama by Sizzaman
    19. Tokigeza by B2C
    20. Dangerous by Ceasarous
    21. Amanya Gange by Latinum

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