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The Death of Radio and Weasel; Why Are They Breaking Up?




By Ortega Ian

Patches have a limit. Patches when applied to music groups and partnerships have a limit beyond which they cease to apply. 2015 may be one of the worst years in the music industry, a year that is seeing two great music groups break up never to reunite. Those two groups are Team No Sleep and Goodlyfe (Radio and Weasel). It is the latter group that will be the focus of our eulogy. An eulogy that I write with sadness.

When the Goodlyfe fired Jeff Kiwanuka aka Kiwa who was their manager back then, everyone was sure the Goodlyfe had finally diagnosed their problem and applied a cure. Kiwa many analysts thought had been the cause of the failures of the group financially. Thus, we all applauded in unison. With Jeff Kiwa gone, Radio and Weasal were surely headed for the greatest of success in their career. They say, too short-sighted we are that we never see too far, the very causes of our suffering. The Goodlyfe had treated just one of their problems; it was only a matter of time before the actual problems were to surface.

The problem as we all know is that the marriage of Radio and Weasel had come to the end of its life. Its death as you will now read can only be postponed but not saved. The only way to save this duo is to subject them to musical euthanasia, to bring their death closer than it should be. Sooner or later, the Goodlyfe will be no more.

Remember that famous story when the body parts complained to each other. The eyes thought they deserved more credit because they saw, the hands too thought there’s nothing the eyes did, and the ears were not spared. It was an ego contest. The situation is not very different in the Radio and Weasal camp except that in this case, Radio Sekiboggo has been eaten by his ego. In the past months, he feels he’s been bringing more to the musical table than his counterpart. He has constantly accused Weasel of playing a passive role in their success.

The great sages always said; “nothing fails like success.” The failure of Goodlyfe has come at a moment when they currently rank as Uganda’s most successful duo. They’ve been there, done it all. Their reunion with Bebe Cool made us think that the duo was now aiming for greatness. Yet, they say, they become so good that they forget to be great. The good of Goodlyfe will always be remembered as the deterrent to their greatness.

When Radio and Weasel got successful, other problems began setting in. Money doesn’t change people; it simply magnifies more of what they already were. If you were an a**hole while poor, you will become a super a**hole when money sets it. In Radio, success did bring out the worst in him. When he was most successful, that’s when he became the most vulnerable. It could be said that for Radio, success did breed complacency, inefficiency and—worst of all—arrogance. When he got really successful, he fell in love with himself. He stopped innovating, working hard, taking risks and begun to rest on his laurels. He went on the defensive, spending his energy protecting his success rather than staying true to the very things that got him to the top.

In the times when Goodlyfe was beefing with Bebe Cool and Chameleone, everyone chose to side with Goodlyfe. They were seen as the humble group, as the harmless innocent duo. They found their entry into the hearts of the fans because of their good music and their character.

As time went on, Radio began pumping himself with air. He was and is still more likely to resort to punches and abuses than being the composed music artiste that he once was. Today, when invited to a TV show, he hurls more insults than make sensible talk. When Douglas Lwanga invited him to his show many months back, he was forced to do the longest commercial break in history just to cover up the obscenities that Radio was hurling towards Jeff on TV.

The recently concluded Goodlyfe concert saw Radio take on Balaam, the father of music promotion in Uganda. It took the pleas of the crowds for Radio to be calmed down in his diatribe of Balaam. When Goodlyfe fans played a friendly match with the Firebase fans, again, an already drank Radio felt the urge to throw a punch at Ashburg Katto for supporting Firebase in his presence.

Before their show at Africana, two defining incidences marked the end of this group. One, Weasel and Radio had a fight. For those who noticed, the marks of the fight were all written on Radio’s face, he had to cover them up with a red cloth. The fight came about after Radio had disrespected his best friend in public.

In Goodlyfe, Radio has turned into the Alpha and Omega of the group. He’s always right even when he’s wrong. When Balaam hired them to perform in Northern Uganda for 7 million, Radio chose to use almost all the money to buy his plot of Land in Busabala. Weasel got nothing of this money; Chagga was given 500K while Lawrence was given 300K. In the end, Weasel refused to perform and Lawrence was arrested.

On the 23rd Saturday of this month, Radio once again refused to perform at Nkumba University. Why? Because Museveni had not yet arrived and he wasn’t ready to perform for the young chaps aka Nkumba students. Once again, Weasel was forced to sing alone. Radio got in his car and drove off to pursue better interests.

The character flaws of Radio can be attributed to his alcohol addiction and his drug problem. Marijuana many say has been his Achilles heel. When intoxicated, he loses control of his behavior. Talent got Radio to the top. More than ever before, he lacks the character to keep him at the top.

In less than a month, Goodlyfe will be no more. The duo has halted every musical project as far as recording new songs are concerned. It’s now a solo career for both. What will happen when this house breaks apart, no one can tell. It’s now survival for the fittest. Radio wants to enjoy his Museveni campaign money all alone. His song Neera is the official Museveni theme song and he feels that Weasel sharing in the fruits of his sweat is not a palatable idea.

Weasel has already reached out to his brothers, Pallaso and Chameleone. Many say, he’s not ready to go solo. He’s likely to merge with Pallaso as brothers, and if Pallaso isn’t welcome to the idea, he will go back to Leone Island.

For now, we can only say Rest in Peace Goodlyfe. We shall remember the good music, the entertainment. Everything that lives has an end, the end of Radio and Weasel is one that will leave us with tears in our hearts.

(Look out for Part 2 of the series where we talk about the end of Team No Sleep)

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Fresh Kid beats Kapiripiti and Ring Rapper hands down to a rap battle



After Fresh Kid breaking through to the music industry we can confirm he has inspired young talents and many of them have emerge into the industry and among the most notable ones are Kapiripiti and Ring Rapper

NTV Da Beat’s hosted all of them yesterday to a rap battle and some of them wished they had stayed home. The battle was between Kapiripiti, Ring Rapper and Fresh Kid who stole the show because of his unique raps, calmness and confidence.

According to those that watched the battle believed the Bambi hit maker beat his competitors by a mile and most of them took it to social media to praise the young Rapper

“Guys did u see how fresh kid feels his experience.. The ka dude felt like kapiripiti is from oba where… So dearly..
Ring rapper so happening
Kapiripiti so powerful
Fresh kid very calm and experienced” a fan lamented

“Guys Fresh Kid is another league his words match with instrumental in the back ground.”

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Mandatory Entertainment release new Honorebel and Tarrus Riley song called “Be Free”



By Staff Writer

Billboard hitmaker, writer, producer and international Recording Artist Honorebel premieres his new single “Be Free” from the upcoming album entitled “Above The Noise”.

This single “Be Free” sets the tone for a masterpiece, as a song it will take you on a journey through some of his happy, most formative and also most troubling moments. Honorebel has cemented himself as an artist known for making international hits.

Now he has joined forces with another Billboard hit maker and award-winning Artist, Tarrus Riley on “Be Free” to make this project epic and unforgettable. Honorebel, born in Kingston, Jamaica migrated to Miami years ago where he became friends with Tarrus Riley and father Jimmy Riley, from then a musical bond was built with both eclectic Artists, Honorebel and Tarrus Riley.

“Be Free”, is a Reggae/World Music sounding of the track exemplified by the melodic backdrop of the trombone and ukulele that seamlessly merges every element of the song. The song emphasizes Honorebel’s ability to combine hard-hitting lyrics with his voice softened by vulnerability and his verses edging away like rapid-fire with harmonies creating imagery of the song more like storytelling. Tarrus Riley added his soothing and charismatic vocals seen throughout Singy Singy’s expansive oeuvre. This Stella collaboration will be memorable for a lifetime. Mandatory Entertainment for many years has been working behind the scene of the music industry and Conrad Golding, CEO of Mandatory Entertainment is now ready to embark on his musical expedition by launching “Be Free” to a satellite altitude as the sole producer of the project.

Conrad Golding’s orchestration and collaborative work with Musician Paul Santo help birth “Be Free”. Paul Santo has worked with Aerosmith and Ringo Starr of the Beatles. Conrad Golding has produced this musical bed for Honorebel and Tarrus Riley and is ready to share his outpouring of creativity with the world.

The song “Be Free” was also mastered by Uganda born Producer Herbertskillz of Soundmakers Studio. Herbertskillz has in the past years worked with different top Ugandan musicians including; Bebe Cool A Pass and so many others.

Download and Listen to the Song Below:

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Photos: Bebe Cool thrills fans at comedy Store



By Stuart G-Khast

Bebe Cool’s stage performance has never been doubted and Thursday was just another day at work. Bebe Cool’s fans braved the heavy evening rains and stormed Comedy Store in large numbers to witness their artiste perform, not just any artiste does that.

Bebe Cool stepped on stage with his Wasibukawa master piece, he followed it with loving you everyday, wire wire, Easy, Nkuliyo, among many more hits.

It was a well deserved night for the fans that turned up to watch the singer. Here are some moments from comedy store

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