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Van Vicker new look

Photos: Popular actor Van Vicker transforms into Indian in new look

Ghanaian Nollywood actor Van Vicker has changed his look! His new look will have you convinced he is an Indian man and not a Ghanaian that you are used to seeing in movies. Vicker was transformed for a movie role…

January 11, 2017

Van Vicker son

Popular actor Van Vicker celebrates son’s birthday

Popular actor Van Vicker’s young boy turned a year older Tuesday, November 22. The actor in a post shared on Instagram celebrated his swag king. “Swag has nothing on you Mr. V. It’s like when u were born you said…

November 24, 2016

Wema Sepetu and Van Vicker

Diamond’s ex-lover Wema Sepetu set to unveil her project with Van Vicker

Former miss Tanzania, actress famed for her infamous breakup with singer Diamond, Wema Sepetu is set to release her much anticipated movie next year. Wema revealed that her movie Day After Death featuring Nollywood actor Van Vicker is ready and…

November 10, 2016

Van Vicker's daughter J’dyl Vanette Vicker

Popular actor Van Vicker shows off beautiful daughter, threatens to shoot her suitors

Popular actor Van Vicker is already arming his arsenal ahead of a lone war he will be fighting against any man who will come close to any of his daughters. His eldest child, 12-year-old J’dyl Vanette Vicker, is looking all…

October 26, 2016

Van Vicker

Popular actor Van Vicker turns 39, says he can’t wait to begin a new life.

Ghanaian actor Van Vicker is a year older as he turned 39 on Monday and having reflected back on his life so far, he feels fulfilled. Speaking about his new age, he explained that he can’t wait to be 40…

August 3, 2016

Van Vicker

Popular actor Van Vicker opens up about kissing in movies

Many have wondered whether kissing in movies is real or fake for a long time. Some say it is staged. They usually are of this view because they think that on health grounds, it is not even safe for the…

July 8, 2016

Van Vicker

Van Vicker finally speaks out after he was accused of cheating on his wife with the manager

Van Vicker has finally broken his silence after the husband of his manager Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah accused her of sleeping around with him [Van Vicker]. The husband claimed he had enough evidence to back up his accusations even though he…

June 30, 2016

Van Vicker

Van Vicker’s name cleared after he was accused of sleeping with his manager

Dr. Bartum Kulah, the man who accused Van Vicker of sleeping with his wife, Clarice Ford-Kulah, has apologized to the ace actor via social media. Speculations were rife that the Atlanta-based business man had accused Mr Vicker of flirting with…

June 23, 2016

Van Vicker

Popular actor Van Vicker accused of cheating on wife with his manager

Popular Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker has been accused by his manager’s husband of sleeping with his wife. The married actor is currently in the middle of a messy “scandal” in Ghana after the actor was accused of having an affair…

June 17, 2016