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Comedian Kapere weds lover

Video: Comedian Kapere takes wife on romantic night out

Local comedian Kapere, real name Yokana Mbuuse, recently showed off his romantic side. Kapere took his newly wedded wife, Lydia Nakinda and son, Travis for a romantic night out at one of the top city restaurants early this week. This comes after…

May 10, 2017

Comedian Kapere weds lover

Comedian Kapere weds longtime lover. [Photos]

Local comedian Kapere, real name Yokana Mbuuse, has officially joined the marrieds club. Kapere walked down the aisle with his longtime lover Lydia Nakinda in a mass wedding ceremony conducted by Pastor Robert Kayanja. The pint-sized funny man, who recently gave his life to…

May 4, 2017

Comedian Kapere and Pr. Robert Kayanja

Comedian Kapere lands new TV job

By Our Reporter City comedian Kapere’s life continues to be transformed after he received salvation last week. The Amarula Family comedian, who gave his life to Jesus Christ at the now popular “77 Days of Glory” crusade, has landed a…

February 28, 2017

Comedian Kapere welcomes baby boy

Comedian Kapere welcomes a baby

By Lee Osbourne Local comedian Kapere, real name John Mbuuse, is a happy man at the moment after his wife Lydia Nakinda gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. The couple received their bundle of joy yesterday and Kapere, who…

July 28, 2016

Comedian Kapere and his wife

Comedian Kapere to be a father soon, expecting his first child.

By Lee Osbourne Comedian Kapere also known as Mbuuse John who is popularly known for his “ugly face”, will become a father soon. Kapere is said to be already excited since his wife Lydia Nabirye’s pregnancy is around 8 months…

May 19, 2016

Comedian Kapere visits fiancee's home

Amarula Family’s Kapere visits his fiancee’s home, prepares for wedding.

By Lee Osbourne Comedian Kapere, real name John Mbuuse, of Amarula family recently visited his fiancee, Lilian Nakandi’s home in Wakitaka, Jinja. Kapere who was accompanied by a few friends and relatives, travelled in a Subaru car carrying items that included…

November 11, 2015

comedian Kapere

Comedian Kapere set to introduce lover.

By Stuart G-khast Comedian John Mbuuse commonly known as Kapere has taken the first step to end cohabiting with the lover. Kapere is now planning his forthcoming kwanjula early next year. Kapere will be introducing his three year girlfriend Lilian Muyiira whom…

October 5, 2015