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  • Sylvia Owori quits NTV Uganda. Here’s why!

    / March 29, 2017

    By Our Reporter

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    Fashion guru Sylvia Owori has quit NTV Uganda.

    Sylvia Owori, who joined the Serena-based TV station in November 2014 as a host of NTV Style project, has finally thrown in the towel.

    “I would like to announce to all my fans and well-wishers my resignation as the host of NTV Style project,” she said. “This comes after a great deal of contemplation and consultation on what could be the best way forward for me and the show that I have grown to so much apprise.”

    We have learnt that she decided to resign from the show after clashing with her bosses at the station.

    “I and the executives at the station regrettably couldn’t concur with each other on what in my capacity (as a pivotal part of the show) thought was vital in making the show even better in the future,” she explained. “I have always believed in giving utmost effort to finding common ground or effective and pragmatic ways to move forward when parties disagree. That style has been instrumental in making the show successful but, alas, I found that atmosphere was suddenly unfortunately vanishing to my regret.”

    However, she hopes to bounce back on TV with another fashion show in the foreseeable future.

    “I will miss being able to regularly entertain and inform our ardent fans on key subjects of fashion and beauty. I will therefore take this time to continue to reflect in order to be able to comeback with an even more elaborate, widespread and ultimately greater show in the near future.” She added.



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