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  • Stop putting words in my mouth – Zanie Brown

    / March 14, 2017

    By Genius Musa

    Singer Zanie Brown has come out and asked people to stop putting words in her mouth and misquoting her. Through here Facebook, the Omutaputa singer cried out loud asking media to stop tarnishing her name through stories they run against her and that they should respect the brand she built

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    “Some people are determined to see others fail,l havent had any interview with any news site regarding to what kind of man l want, l dont know why someone one would come up with baseless news trashing someones brand that has worked had to build am always free to journalists to ask mi whatever they want to know abt mi but l have no idea why they dont ask before they publish. Dear ugandan journalists before u assume try this simple method called “asking” She posted on her Facebook




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