FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo
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  • Stop influencing Ugandans to only political causes, but also sports – Magogo attacks MPs

    / September 26, 2017

    FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo

    FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo

    By Staff Writer 

    Just few days away to the highly anticipated Uganda Cranes World Cup qualifier match against Ghana, FUFA President has come out to call upon all Ugandans to come and support the National team since it is a decisive match that if won, Uganda’s chances for going to Russia in 2018 for world cup will be bright

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    Magogo also asked  Members of Parliament to not only focus on influencing Ugandans into political related causes but also focus on the sports as well because it is one of the things that unite the youth

    “Uganda Cranes is a national team, and supporting it is also a national cause, at the moment it needs a lot of support from Ugandans so therefore i call upon all the people’s leaders especially the MPs the engage into sports, influence  the people you represent into sports but not only political matters, make them love the game. Supporting the National team is patriotism as well as defending the Constitution” Magogo said

    In a move to drive a bigger crowd to the stadium, the FUFA President informed the public that there will be 10000 early bird tickets that will go for 25000 ugx and that they are already on market.

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