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  • Song Review: Still Standing by Cindy. Oh, Just A Weak Standpoint!

    / May 2, 2016

    Cindy Sanyu

    “Still Standing” -a strong song title! The expectation is really high when you have such strong language for a title. You would expect high energy, a braggart approval of your current standpoint and most importantly stinging lyrics rubbing your success in their face until “haters” are like “Wabula gwe asinga. You are the best for real!”

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    However “Still Standing” is as soft as butter. You get the feeling the singer wants you to groove to the lyrics as the song starts off. Its tailor-made as a song you can groove to while your “so called hater” is calling for another round.

    Its almost a mutual relationship like a tactical guy caressing the breasts of a girl who keeps saying stop it please, yet at the same time she is holding him in a tight grip, not willing to let go. Similarly, Cindy’s choice of words serves the purpose but the will and instrumental drive to that effect is grossly lacking.

    The producer is like that lover who proceeds to take off the girl’s knickers. He chose to have his way. He chose to rape Cindy’s song for 3 minutes and 33 seconds and he was “still standing” for more. He chose a beat that is not in sync with the emotions and, well, that explains the toned down expressions of Cindy’s desire for a “Look at me now. I’m doing great!”

    You need an energetic backing not some feeble fading washed down instrumental. To add salt to injury, there are parts of sounds of water drops and brief moments of silence! Was this to justify the soft emotions?

    Overall, Cindy might have had the right intentions but the execution failed… Miserably. Who is still standing? The producer, of course to rape even more. Weak and still standing point!

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