Jose Chameleone
  • Song Review: Pam Pam Remix by KetchUp ft. Jose Chameleone.

    / May 4, 2016

    Jose Chameleone

    You got to admire KetchUp’s strategy of expanding his fan base to the East of the continent. The strength of a collaboration is that both artists tap into either markets and fan base, winning new numbers. Its a win-win situation which in this case gives both artists the edge over solo songs.

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    While Chameleone has been struggling to expand his market beyond East and Central Africa, a chance showed up like an ex visiting you at midnight! He took it up with both heart and soul. This is a song that was already a continental hit!

    Basking in its glory is truly a free gift to recognize Chameleone’s stellar status. Chameleone adds a rough texture to a spongy song that will have you grooving! The chorus is a sample of Shaggy’s classic duet “Wasn’t me!” The two artists blend so well on the song.

    Truly, Pam Pam is a massive tune that will have us dancing for a long long time.

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